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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

EYE on GREEN Mag : Perfuming & Violettina

EYE on GREEN Mag : Perfuming & Violettina: NEW Press Release BIG TALK and serious perfume action from EYE ON BEAUTY -  CEO Terry Ruvo has taking her own personal philosophy "...

Perfuming & Violettina

NEW Press Release
BIG TALK and serious perfume action from EYE ON BEAUTY -  CEO Terry Ruvo brings her own personal philosophy "living Life Green & Naturally" through the voice of  her company's products.   This small and Natural indie-fragrance company - is spoiling customers with beautiful marketing displays, while surging into the natural perfuming industry full-throttle.  Critics say, EYE ON BEAUTY, does not have the financing to take hold of the market. However, the CEO has taken major steps that is bringing EYE ON BEAUTY brand nationally.  Sometimes when you take the longer route, you gain traction slowly making bigger impact.  It is seems that slow and steady is winning the race for this small natural beauty company. The CEO is changing the game for perfuming.   "My dream is to become a "household name" for the "green" beauty industry.  I have seen so many people burn themselves out because of minor set backs. They loose site of their message, because they have their eyes on the "mighty buck."  My Eyes have always been on offering alternative beauty without toxins.  I want to make a difference for the next generation and prove that slow and steady wins the race. Shop VIOLETTINA  EYE ON BEAUTY

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

COCObeach 4 Summer

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

2 Most Powerful Words

 "Put your money where your mouth is".... " "You win some, you loose some," are most frequently used business lingo, but how about the clich├ęs that we dislike such as "Good Guys, Finish Last."   The reason why I hate the last one?...  Most people believe you have to be the BAD GUY to be successful.  Many people feel that you have to be a Pr***, as soon as you enter the virtual business front door.  I am sorry ladies and gentlemen this just isn't so.  I have worked for many Pr***'s indeed. Men and women alike, That I have nicknamed them as "Richards", aka DICK's of  today's business world.  I have to let DICK know, you will sadly loose your integrity and sex appeal quickly.  The point is, never to loose it in the first place.  Use some powerful words to win in the office and gain some respect for DICK.  Do you know the 2 most powerful business words?  Two words to delight your employees upon seeing them in the AM?  "GOOD MORNING.". wins - on the way in the door and into the hearts of the people that work for you.   Does "Good Morning", do DICK justice?  Well, I did a test drive of using the power of "Good Morning" On many of my assignments. 
 DID YOU KNOW, the people that say, "Good Morning" are more likely to have a leg- up on a promotions and raises?  Yes, it true, even in these economic hard times.  BTW - saying "Good Morning" to the BIG people as well as the little people, will build long-lasting business relations. 

The "Good Guys" are perceived as being approachable and seek a high-level of emotional intelligent. 
And believe me, these GUYS DON'T FINISH LAST.

Approachability is far more important in business than the "mighty buck."  Walk into the office command the respect you deserve GOOD MORNING, guarantees the revolving door of business won't kick you in the "A**."

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Monday, June 2, 2014

EYE on GREEN Mag : How 2 use COCONUT OIL/Recipe

EYE on GREEN Mag : How 2 use COCONUT OIL/Recipe: I have written HOW 2's on ways to use natural oils for skin care.  You many have read about the many uses of ARGAN oil - the Miracle ...

How 2 use COCONUT OIL/Recipe

I have written HOW 2's on ways to use natural oils for skin care.  You many have read about the many uses of ARGAN oil - the Miracle oil of the century, as it has many anti-aging benefits for Skincare.  I have recently discovered the many beauty benefits with COCONUT oil.  Organic EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL.... indeed!

1. USE COCONUT OIL for cooking.  DID YOU KNOW that COCONUT OIL  is one of the world's most nutritional foods?  It is in fact, "better than butter," replacement on bread, as it has 100% less cholesterol than butter. AS it is made without pesticides, GMO's or Hexane.  COCONUT oil has one more customer, I now use ORGANIC COCONUT oil for my vegetables and snacking on popcorn.  I will not give up my EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (OLV)  I just supplement it with with COCONUT OIL.  Actually, you can cook COCONUT oil on high-heat up to 350 degrees, as with olive oil, this is impossible. OLIVE oil properties looses it's potency on high-heat.

2.  COCONUT OIL as you know has many beauty benefits, It is a heavier oil than ARGAN, and a little bit goes a long way.  I love using COCONUT oil around my eyes for eye makeup removal. Any bit of oil that remains regenerates the skin around my eyes. Loosing wrinkles and setting back father time sounds good to me! 

3.  COCONUT oil HAIR MASK.  I enjoy using COCONUT OIL for a hair mask.  My hair is fine, and has lost it's luster due to dying and highlighting.  COCONUT Oil has brought back my luscious sprouts!.  Here is my secret COCONUT OIL Hair Mask Recipe. 

1/2 tablespoon of COCONUT OIL in a bowl warm to room temp or micro for 30 sec.
- slather on oil from mid-way of hair shaft, down to ends, until hair is mildly greasy
- stay on head for 1 hour
- rinse out with gentle shampoo of your choice. I use sulfate free!

* style as usual
* hair will be soft and supple again

*If your hair is coarse, my recommendation would be to sleep with a cap overnight. Wash in the morning.
*Do the COCONUT OIL MASK 1 x  or. 2x.   a month