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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Embrace the Belly Ache

Why do we get belly aches?   How about  those terrible gas pains that go bump in the nigh?  It could be a virus or it could be indigestion?  Last time I had a belly ache,  I realized I had a virus. Some of my symptoms were flu-like.  Nausea , no vomiting, but very close. Stomach cramps. No appetite for days and body aches.   I decided to embrace being sick, and cut some calories while doing so.  I couldn't eat anyway.  Maybe I can repair my body from the inside out. Can it be done?  Here is how I turned my Belly Ache into a 7 day detox.

1.  Lay off all sugar.  No chocolate, no baked item, pastries 
2. No fats, no dairy; not even yogurt
3. obviously, no meats.
4. no snacks, nothing salty.

I  realized I was eating  a whole bunch of items that were not satisfying. Even a little bit of these foods, were not doing my body any good.  I also realized that my stomach got very flat.  Right now, I was living on ginger ale, and some saltines.   I couldn't think of putting anything inside me that was sweet or gooey.

By the next day, I was starting to gain my energy back.  I was off the couch.  I lost 3 pounds, but I felt better.   Since 10 days, I have been laying off all sweets and snacking.  I found out that I am glucose intolerant.  It was the yogurt, and dairy products, like cheeses...yuk!  Guess what, since I haven't had the sweets or the carbs, I am not craving them anymore!  Is this magic???

My belly ache for 7 days was the best cleanse of my life!