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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eye on Beauty Tips: Plum Grande

Eye on Beauty Tips: Plum Grande: The big buzz  for fall is plums and burgundy - wear it on your hips or wear it on your lips... a rip plum is rich  beauty.  Everybody has a ...

Eye On Beauty : Pick a PLUM

Eye On Beauty : Pick a PLUM: PLUMS are good...WE  have to eat color to feel good...so let's talk about rich fall colors to put on our lips. EYE ON BEAUTY only reco...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The RIght Whey to loose Wgt.

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The RIght Whey to loose Wgt.: I have been doing Whey Protein shakes for 6 weeks, and I found it to be significantly helpful to shed extra pounds.   As we age, our bodi...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Sex life anyone?

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Sex life anyone?: 3 Top reasons why couples are not satisfied in the bedroom......lack of good nutrition, Lack of exercise, lack of sleep.  Let's concentr...

Monday, August 26, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Legitimate Flirting Skills

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Legitimate Flirting Skills: The entire dynamic of dating has changed.  For some folks that like the face-to-face thing....here are a few tips to flirt with out coming o...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Legitimate Flirting Skills

The entire dynamic of dating has changed.  For some folks that like the face-to-face thing....here are a few tips to flirt with out coming off,.. well... "creepy."  This goes for women and men, stalkers at large or  first time flirting for beginners.

1  Mark your territory....Not like a dog...scope out the area....walk around the bar a couple of times and look for potential targets,  become your own compass.

2. Decide on your target and make quick eye contact.  Emphasis on quick...don't stare, that's creepy.

3. Find a reason to move past your target.  Another drink? bathroom? looking for your friend on the other side of the room perhaps?  As soon as your are close enough, make eye contact,  hold a bit and look away just as you pass your target.

If this technique is too subtle for you...go up to your target, and say..." I am so sorry for staring, but you remind me of  a famous actor or actress (fill in the blank here)  or tell them you look so familiar do you hang out with (fill in the blank.)

This plan works best of all!

Monday, August 12, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The Chiseled Life

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The Chiseled Life

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The Chiseled Life

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The Chiseled Life: Green Guru Beautiful Life Coach  Carving out a  new life style for yourself?  Ways to get the "in"  on the good life without b...

Sex life anyone?

3 Top reasons why couples are not satisfied in the bedroom......lack of good nutrition, Lack of exercise, lack of sleep.  Let's concentrate on nutrition. ..

 1. Lack of Good Nutrition

The right foods can support desire, but if you’re envisioning oysters, think again: Foods for sexual vitality are different from aphrodisiacs, says Mars. “You want to tone the whole body. It’s not, What can I do for tonight? but, rather, having extra energy for sex.” Here are the powerhouse foods that will fan your desire:
Nuts and seeds, especially sesame, chia, sunflower, hemp, and pumpkin. “Raw nuts and seeds have a lot of life force,” says Mars, who suggests soaking chia seeds overnight and having them for breakfast with blueberries, nuts, and honey.
Grains, beans, and squash. “The best way to eat squash is raw,” says Brian Clement. “Grate it up and add it to salads or dips.”
Turmeric, lemon, and cayenne, which support healthy circulation. “Some of the smallest capillaries in the body go down to the penis and vaginal areas,” Clement says. “Blood flow is necessary for full arousal,” agrees Laurie Steelsmith, a Honolulu-based naturopathic physician and the author of Great Sex, Naturally.

Cruciferous vegetables, acai, mangosteen, and berries. These support liver health, which is also vital to good circulation, says Steelsmith.

Cardamom, garlic, and ginger. “You want to warm your body up, not cool your jets,” says Mars. “Make your food healthy and exciting.”
Maca. This root is associated with stabilizing hormones, says Elyse Clark, a raw vegan chef and educator from Deer Park, New York. She uses maca powder, beets, and Brazil nuts to make raw-food truffles.
Dark chocolate. It contains L-arginine (a vasodilator) and phenylethylamine, which makes you feel happy, Steelsmith says. Skip the chocolate bar, with its added sugar and fat. Instead, buy cocoa powder and add it to your smoothies.
Root vegetables. “Roots are said to energize your lower chakras,” says Mars. Try burdock root, carrots, and beets.
Avoid fatty foods and alcohol, which will make you sluggish, and coffee, which Steelsmith says lowers testosterone in both men and women.

Overall, focus on fresh, unprocessed foods. “When you eat cleaner, you function more optimally,” says Clark. “Even your response to human touch will change—you can get aroused by simpler things. Your body is getting the message more clearly.”

 Hungry for more go here:   http://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/hungry-more-what-eat-sexual-vitality

The Chiseled Life in the Green City

Green Guru Beautiful Life Coach
 Carving out a  new life style for yourself?  Ways to get the "in"  on the good life without being robbed by life's poor planning.

Since I was a little girl, everything in my life was a planned motion picture.  If it didn't go as planned , it was a disaster.  Many others have reached out to me with the same dilemmas.  As I grew into adulthood, I was devastated by the fact that people and life...just weren't  perfect.  Okay, so let's dig a little deeper on this subject of .having the caved Life.   In some aspects it has help me a great deal...especially with planning big events!  But in other ways, Planning takes away from the gush of the "surprise" factor.  Let's face it - planning too much can take away from enjoy lives big pleasures!   For example,  I took the first job that was offered to me fresh out of college.  Because I believed that I needed to make money,  weather I was using my college degree or not.  This was not part of the "plan" for me.  I grew frustrated looking for a job in my field and put too much emphasis on money.   Planning took my creativity away, it robbed me of my spontaneity  which is needed in the art world.   Although I wasn't alone, many of my friends took jobs, "just for the money" or for their " parents approval."    I  made sure when I quit that job,  I would never sell-out to a job just for the money for other unjustified reasons.    As a grew into my 20's and 30's  planning the details made me emotionally exhausted.  I was having no fun.  I just took life too seriously.  It deprived me of all the good, and rob of  me of my health mentally and physically.    Since my 40's  I  have made a shrewd attempt to stop carving out all the details and plans, and start enjoying.  I have adopted a new philosophy -  Impromptu, chiseled and deliberate  emotional freedom from plans!  Here is how it goes down and what I plan to teach my kids!

1.  Get up in the morning, and Have "nothing" to do!
2.  Do 1 activity for yourself every day.  I chisel out my day to the gym!
3.  Eat healthy everyday and eat less junk
4.  Plan to put meditation on your list
5.  Carve out some fun Reading time!
6.  Chill out with friends, DO NOT discuss work!
7.  Reach out to people,  give emotional support on your own terms
8. Do not carve out "life's plan"  for  your kids!
9.  Don't plan out your future, take one day at a time
10. Hang out with positive people

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: GEMS Men's Issue

EYE on GREEN Magazine: GEMS Men's Issue

GEMS Men's Issue

5 Easy Skincare Tips For Men
In our last article we discussed why it’s important for men to look after their skin and the changing attitudes around this subject. This week we give men 5 easy to do skincare tips to incorporate into your daily routine:
1) Use a moisturizer that is specifically formulated for the face. Special note: try to find one that has a nano particle-free sunscreen included.
2) Moisturize morning and night. This will help prevent cuts and irritation while shaving. You should look out for moisturisers with natural hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, calendula and aloe vera.
3) Exfoliate once or twice a week. If you are prone to ingrown hairs from shaving then exfoliation will help prevent the problem by getting rid of dead skin cells that can block pores that then cause ingrown hairs.
4) Throw away your acne products and opt for an organic or all-natural alternative that isn’t too harsh for your skin. Most acne treatments because they are too harsh will dry out your skin, leading it to produce more oil, which then leads to (you guessed it) more acne.
5) Stop washing your face with soap. Soap has a very high pH level which dries out your skin. Try getting a specially formulated facial cleanser instead.
Following these easy steps will get you started on the right track to looking after your manly skin!
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Article Contributed By
Danielle Lewis
Link  below

Local Shops Organic Beauty Directory

Solo Noir

SOLO NOIR Definition of A Man

Greater Chicago Area
Solo Noir is a complete grooming line for ethnic men featuring 100% organic 2-in-1 grooming products. For years the ethnic grooming market has been overlooked and Solo Noir is the solution to the markets void. Solo Noir offers cutting edge skin care technologies coupled with ORGANIC ingredients to achieve skin perfection in our consumers.

We offer seven uniquely formulated products to help:
- address ingrown hairs
- skin imperfections
- restore skin elasticity
- moisturize and protect
- promote smooth and healthy skin.

Solo Noir is a provider of premier grooming products for ethnic men.

Solo Noir Organic Skin Care for Men
Solo Noir Organic Skin Care for Men
EYE ON BEAUTY REVIEW:  Five Start Rating   
I have recived free samples from Andrea Polk, Founder of Solo Noir.  The samples were sent to a good friend to experience and give a user evaluation of of each sleek packet that was received   First, I would like to say, the packaging of this line is exquisite.  The Solo Noir line, is even better.   Kenny, my business colleague ,loved the texture and the scent of the products.  As for me, the  Solo Noir man is very sexy indeed, adding to the soft feel of hydration left on his skin.

Andrea Polk for more information.

Do You Know This Man?

Mr. Darryl Bumpass - Founder

My inspiration for designing Moneta Collection came after some difficult times that I experienced that forced me to re-evaluate my life and realize that I wanted a change in my life.

It all started when my father passed away from cancer. That truly shook my foundation and taught me how important time is. I began a transition after his passing where I felt the need to express myself creatively. Through my spiritual journeys I found a deep passion for fashion, particularly for connecting with other men like myself who come from an Urban background and reached a point in their life where they are ready to challenge themselves to become the best man they can be.

As I began designing clothes, I found out there was a void in menswear for men who are evolving into a new self.

In 2011 I launched Moneta Collection at WWDMagic in Las Vegas and have since connected with men all over the world who find inspiration in my clothes.

Moneta Collection is more than just a line of clothes. It stands for something special. The "Moneta Man" is someone who takes pride in himself, his family and his community and presents himself to the world with sophistication and wisdom. He exudes confidence and is looked up to as a role model by the younger generation.

In other words, Moneta Menswear is "The Definition of a Man."
The Moneta Collection
The Moneta Collection  is a selection of apparel that is showcased at  http://www.monetacollection.com/  The collection is surpasses excellence for men's wear.  Mr. Bumpass has contributed much to mens fashion. It is quiet an honor to know him.   I found out that his 
business is located in New Jersey, Which in my opinion has enriched NJ in more ways than one.

Crave Body Oil (Men)SHOP CRAVE 4 Men

Crave is the ultimate perfume oil to satisfy her every desire.  Men's body oil to CRAVE for she will want more...recommend to wear on all pulse points. ears, neck, stomach - everywhere she wants to go.
Samples are available for 8.00   3/4 oz  free shipping.  Scent is similar to ED HARDY's  brand  (M)  -  we are all natural at EYE ON BEAUTY.  She will douse you in Crave in every drop....fragrance is like no-other.

TUBS it's just Business!

As I have been writing about business and beauty on linkedIn for over 3 years,  my audience is always asking me to write about business issues concerning  how to make money.   Being a business owner myself, I can safely tell you there are 3  no fault ways to enhance your customer  following and generate more leads earning sales.  

1.   Give "Thanks"    easily said than done. ..?!?   Saying 'Thank You"  is one  way,   writing it is another, or send a card -  but don't for get this important business courtesy.
2.   under promise, over deliver.    There is nothing worse than being on the phone with a company that promises but doesn't deliver anything. 
3.   Send Soft Touch greeting notes.    I am in the health and natural beauty industry, I typically send "HOW are YOU emails,  to see how my clients are doing health-wise. 

Simple, easy, green and healthy  business skills  to touch people in  related ways.   You are what your BUSINESS is.  The most important product of all...MAKE Impact!
Stay tuned for more on TUBS  business

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