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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Chiseled Life in the Green City

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 Carving out a  new life style for yourself?  Ways to get the "in"  on the good life without being robbed by life's poor planning.

Since I was a little girl, everything in my life was a planned motion picture.  If it didn't go as planned , it was a disaster.  Many others have reached out to me with the same dilemmas.  As I grew into adulthood, I was devastated by the fact that people and life...just weren't  perfect.  Okay, so let's dig a little deeper on this subject of .having the caved Life.   In some aspects it has help me a great deal...especially with planning big events!  But in other ways, Planning takes away from the gush of the "surprise" factor.  Let's face it - planning too much can take away from enjoy lives big pleasures!   For example,  I took the first job that was offered to me fresh out of college.  Because I believed that I needed to make money,  weather I was using my college degree or not.  This was not part of the "plan" for me.  I grew frustrated looking for a job in my field and put too much emphasis on money.   Planning took my creativity away, it robbed me of my spontaneity  which is needed in the art world.   Although I wasn't alone, many of my friends took jobs, "just for the money" or for their " parents approval."    I  made sure when I quit that job,  I would never sell-out to a job just for the money for other unjustified reasons.    As a grew into my 20's and 30's  planning the details made me emotionally exhausted.  I was having no fun.  I just took life too seriously.  It deprived me of all the good, and rob of  me of my health mentally and physically.    Since my 40's  I  have made a shrewd attempt to stop carving out all the details and plans, and start enjoying.  I have adopted a new philosophy -  Impromptu, chiseled and deliberate  emotional freedom from plans!  Here is how it goes down and what I plan to teach my kids!

1.  Get up in the morning, and Have "nothing" to do!
2.  Do 1 activity for yourself every day.  I chisel out my day to the gym!
3.  Eat healthy everyday and eat less junk
4.  Plan to put meditation on your list
5.  Carve out some fun Reading time!
6.  Chill out with friends, DO NOT discuss work!
7.  Reach out to people,  give emotional support on your own terms
8. Do not carve out "life's plan"  for  your kids!
9.  Don't plan out your future, take one day at a time
10. Hang out with positive people

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