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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stephie Pahlavi Zan - True & Remarkable Muse

A True and Remarkable Muse....Stephie Pahlavi Zan

If anyone would have asked me what inspires my art, I would not know what to say. Although, if they would ask me “who” inspired me to create art.  I would say, My Muse.  I have had many muses through my years of creating, I just never knew that my “muse” was my I.D. as an artist.  Let’s face it, or when I look in the mirror my muse reflects the inner light that harness my world. Well, if you are an artist, I guess you know what I mean.  A Muse is the “apple of the artist eye.”  Now, one can have a muse or not, but I can attest that having a muse, has ignited my inner energy.  Now, let’s not mistake a Muse with a love affair.  I have affairs with my art, but I need my Muse to keep my creative juices flowing.  My Muse gets me out of bed, and leads my creative soul to places it has never been before.  I did not find, my Muse at local drive-thru or with my dry-cleaning pick-up.  My muse has been with me for about three years.  It was only this past 12 months that my muse is now a part of my artful life.  My Muse can lift me hirer than any drug on this planet.  I don’t like hangovers, my Muse is my drug.  The Monarch of all Muses.

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