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Friday, October 28, 2011

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Salons/Spas - Grow with Us!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Salons/Spas - Grow with Us!: Written by: Terry Ruvo: Founder of EYE on BEAUTY "paraben & cruelty free" cosmetics. Writer/Creative Dir. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info Terry...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

EYE on GREEN Magazine: GREEN MAGAZINE Premier Oct Issue

EYE on GREEN Magazine: GREEN MAGAZINE Premier Oct Issue: Article copyrights @ owned by Terry Ruvo - Founder/Writer of EYE On GREEN Magazine. follow Terry here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ey...

Monday, October 17, 2011

GREEN MAGAZINE Premier Oct Issue

Article copyrights @ owned by Terry Ruvo  - Founder/Writer of  EYE On GREEN Magazine.
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How GREEN is your Cosmetic Bag? The GREEN Team wants to know.....
That is the BIG question - Our cosmetic bag - and what "secrets" are hidden inside. Many of us want to know, and are finding out that most cosmetics that we use aren’t exactly “good” for us, or should I say “green” for us. Organic is a BIG word, Natural and Green are also powerful adjectives when we describe our foods or “food” products. Sorry, boxed or prepared food doesn’t count because it shares in the same combination of chemicals/preservatives that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. We should take a closer look at the toxic chemicals that are being used to process cosmetics that are often used on our face, our hair, and our bodies. We should take a look at the bigger picture by reading the packaging and paying more attention to "fine" print. Some examples are hidden inside abbreviated words such as: HFC (high fructose corn syrup) GMO ‘s (genetically modified organisms). These are just some chemicals to look  for and are used by major Big brands. In cosmetic industry, the ingredient labels are a little bit more difficult to decipher. Here are two BIG words to look for: PABA’s “Parabens”, methylparaben, porplyparabens, and Sulfates, just to name a few. If you are worried or confused,…don’t be. As “GREEN” Magazine develops I will be educating readers on these topics and so much more: Without further delay, below is an introduction to the “Green” Team for October. Take a closer look at these small retailers that are making a BIG difference by using natural/organic compounds in beauty for a better and "greener" YOU.
Company Name: EYE on BEAUTY Founder/Contact Person: Terry Ruvo Founder/Writer/Creative Director Address: Westwood NJ 07675 Phone: 201-895-6571
Website/Online shop: Free shipping on most cosmetics http://www.eyeonbeauty.info
Email: terry@eyeonbeauty.info  
How long are you in Business? Since 2008
What is your GREEN offer Paraben & Cruelty Free cosmetics/Lead Free jewelry and apparel made by hand - using recycled natural fibers and developing my new baby "GREEN" Magazine.
"Mercy" lip creme
New Products in the future? I would like to offer a  natural perfume, w/ a compatible body oil to my line.
Company Vision: Always bringing the customer an alternative for natural/greener and better choice for cosmetics and skincare! I would love to expand my business awareness education on products to the Latino and African American Beauty Market.
Motto: “Your Face is my Blank Canvas.” “Less is More.” “All Things & Everything that is “Green” Grows."
New Project: EYE on BEAUTY/Green Magazine - "Green" ideology will be marketed and shared all over the world to every business segment: Day Spas/Beauty Salons/Hair Care/holistic essential oils/Health &Wellness/makeup artists/dermatologist/cosmetologists..."Green" will have an endless journey.
Supports: Breast Cancer Foundation/ACS/ASPCA "Mercy" is the lip creme of Breast Cancer Awareness for October. "Let your lips speak the difference." ~ Terry Ruvo - Founder: Buy here: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info
A bit of history & philosophy of EYE on BEAUTY: I am a fine artist – turned makeup artist. I am a lover of rich pigment cosmetics but not a lover of rich chemicals. I was a BIG brand buyer, but now I am a buyer of my own line - EYE on BEAUTY “Paraben Free” cosmetics. Safer for me, safer for my clients; and best for my business.
Company NameBlack Box Cosmetics  Founder/CEO - Kevin B. Evans Address: PO Box 51062 Sarasota, FL 34232 Contact Person: Ms. Neil Hunter Phone 541-653-0589 Website: https://shop.blackboxcosmetics.com/NH0318 email: neilyogadeva@yahoo.com

Black Box Cosmetics
 New Products: A teen line for problem skin.
Company Vision: Cosmeceuticals by Black Box Cosmetics are revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with the most highly effective and non-toxic/paraben free products available.
Company Motto: The Most Advanced Age-Reversing Cosmeceuticals in the World!
Eye on Beauty says:  Neil Hunter from Black Box has sent me fruitful information about Black Box Cosmetics and how they are making a "difference" in the beauty business by educating their customers. "The company philosophy is inspiring and I look forward to seeing more beauty from Black Box Cosmetics in the future."  ~ Terry Ruvo
Company Name: Mara Kesh Select
Founder/CEO Maria Mattina Address: 543 W. Dunlap, Northville MI 48167 Phone: (248)374-3226 Website:http://www.superiormoroccanoil.com
 Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business? 1.5 year
What is your GREEN product or Service? We provide 100% Organic Serums and 95% Organic Night Crème, for Women and Men.
New Products in the future? line of skin and hair care products for men and women is made with 100% Eco-Certified Organic Argan oil and organic trendy essentials oils.
Company Vision: Our goal is to offer superior beauty products to the American market, with the finest organic and international ingredients.
Contact Person: Brenda Williams, Phone: Sales: 1 855 899-8014
Eye on Beauty Reviews: Mara Kesh Select - Superior Moroccan Oil. "This product fascinated me... maybe because, many lavish essential oils come from this part of the world. I used Superior Moroccan oil on the dry ends of my hair. The oil is super concentrated golden oil. It repaired my hair and turned it into soft spun silk. I got to thinking... if this is what the product can do for my hair, Superior Moroccan oil  will be the next Fountain Of Youth for skincare.  Word out to Salons and Spas -...get your "hands" on this product pronto!" ~  Terry Ruvo

Company Name - It Works Global Ultimate Body Applicator 
Contact: Inguss Strikaitis -  Independant Distributor Address: Based in Florida Phone: 213-327-8345 Website:http://www.losein45.com
Email: inguss@losein45.com
How long are you in the GREEN Business? The company is 11 years in business
What is your GREEN product? The Ultimate Body Applicator - Helps to tighten, tone, firm and detox our bodies. See results in as little as 45minutes.
New Products in the future? Hair lotion, helps re-grow hair, Organic whey protein.
Company Vision: It Works Global - Changing Lives Physically and Financially
From the time of its inception in 2001, It Works Global has dedicated itself to providing professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at affordable prices. Today we proudly offer the highest quality nutritional supplements, exclusive anti-aging solutions, and our internationally famed Ultimate Applicator Cosmetic System. Our responsibility to the consumer is always our top priority, and we believe our greatest strength is reflected in the lockstep relationship between our pursuit to provide you with life-changing products and our principled approach to business practices and product development.
Our second passion, to change people’s lives financially, stems from our CEO, Mark Pentecost’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Mark and the It Works team collaborated with business experts across the United States to create a rewarding multi-level marketing plan that would give real people the ability to gain financial freedom. Today, the It Works opportunity has empowered thousands of people from all walks of life to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and begin to experience success on their own terms. In passing along our passion for freedom and prosperity, It Works hopes to support and inspire people across the world for generations to come.
EYE on Beauty said: "I am excited to learn more about the Ultimate Body Applicator, and eager try this product."  ~ Terry Ruvo    Go here http://www.losein45.com
Company Name: Atmosphere Essentials Founder/CEO Antonio Sciortino and Lisa Marie Giuressi Address: 7481 Amboy Road Staten Is, NY 10307 Phone: 347-552-1906 Website: http://www.atmosphereessentials.com and http://www.bellaae.com
How long are you in the GREEN Business? 15 years

What is your GREEN product or Service? Organic perfumes, essential oils.
New Products in the future? Fall body scrubs in Lavender Apple and Citrus Basil Juniper Berry.
Company Vision: We are committed on servicing customers in the green/natural niche businesses.
Motto: “The Art of Natural Skin” - Antonio Sciortino
Contact Person: Lisa Marie Giuressi
A bit of AE history: AE got its start by “pure” accident. Antonio accidentally dropped a cream and a perfume together - the two bodies married and the best body lotion was born! ” For more of Atmosphere Essentials history go here: http://www.atmosphereessentials.com
Eye on Beauty Review of AE's Body Scrub in Grape Seed.  It as pleasantly scented, refreshing.... and out of this world amazing! I will insist that my local spa uses AE's Grape Seed Body Scrub at my next visit!"  ~ Terry Ruvo
call Lisa Maria. Tell her Terry sent you with love from EYE on BEAUTY


The "Green"Color PayBack$

There is a lot to be said for the color "green." It is a powerful color and word. When I think of green many things come to mind.  Such as, clean,clear, pure, trees, fresh, grass, nature,new, peace and God...yes, that's right. "GOD." Many believe he gave us the universe and all the green that lies beneath our feet.  But we have betrayed the planet and all the "green" in it.  If we want to continue to flourish, we must all invest in "green" to keep growing. It is our job to put it back where it belongs. The "green ideology" starts within ourselves. If we stay on the "righteous" green path, and if we invest in "green" we will become a strong and fruitful planet and "green" will reward us with huge paybacks. Ask yourself today. How will I invest in "green" for tomorrows future?"

My selected poetry from ROBERT FROST

Nothing Gold Can Stay  
by Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold, 
Her hardest hue to hold. 
Her early leaf's a flower; 
But only so an hour. 
Then leaf subsides to leaf. 
So Eden sank to grief, 
So dawn goes down to day. 
Nothing gold can stay. 


Next EYE on GREEN will feature....more "green" retailers,more reviews, "green" recipes, Bigger and Better GREEN all for you!
Would your company like to showcase their items in GREEN MAGAZINE?
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Friday, October 14, 2011

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Salons/Spas - Grow with Us!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Salons/Spas - Grow with Us!: Written by: Terry Ruvo: Founder of EYE on BEAUTY "paraben & cruelty free" cosmetics. Writer/Creative Dir. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info Terry...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: New Press Update: Watch US Grow!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: New Press Update: Watch US Grow!: Written by: Terry Ruvo: Founder of EYE on BEAUTY "paraben & cruelty free" cosmetics. Writer/Creative Dir. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info Terry...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: New Press Update: Watch US Grow!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: New Press Update: Watch US Grow!: Written by: Terry Ruvo: Founder of EYE on BEAUTY "paraben & cruelty free" cosmetics. Writer/Creative Dir. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info Terry...

Salons/Spas - Grow with Us!

Written by: Terry Ruvo: Founder of EYE on BEAUTY "paraben & cruelty free" cosmetics. Writer/Creative Dir. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

Terry Ruvo - the FOUNDER of EYE On BEAUTY invites all to get acquainted with the "GREEN" part of her new found beauty project. This will not only be a bulletin on Organics/Naturals and solely Green foods - but a resource guide that will feature products for people for the new greener economy and generation. The magazine will uncover "greener"items, in beauty, cosmetics, skincare, well-being and not not limited to ecology, environment, and green farming. Eye on Beauty's GREEN Magazine will act as another vehicle for Consumers/buyers/wholesalers that want to learn about add green and natural choices to their lives. They will enjoy the new and refreshing, greener alternatives that come from the many entrepreneurs small green business owners in niche Green Beauty Market. Articles of interest such as: Beauty's Big GREEN Card and reviews for Super Natural GREEN Beauty Products are just a few that will be on the menu. In today's world we have so many choices. Speaking from a consumer stand point, I like choices and alternatives. I also like alternative ways of thinking, alternative view points and shared alternative natural, green eco-friendly advice and service. If I come across a newer greener/natural way option or item - I am on the green to learn about and try the product/service...... and I am telling all of my friends! Choice gives us freedom on what items we buy. Having a choice puts you in control of products/services of what you buy and do not buy into. Therefore, putting the consumer in the driver seat – “at the wheel” if you will. So, what is my concern about all of this? - There are many "green" people today that are doing BIG Green/and natural good deeds for society, and our children's future for tomorrow. The “green seeds” of society, myself included, need strong “roots” to stand on. The time has come. The“niche” Green market needs to “grow.” The only way to do this is to unite and come together. We can do it all with the customer in mind - by feeding them goodness and alternative natural greener choices for their life! EYE on Beauty's' – Green Magazine - gives the "bit" on “greens” in beauty,cosmetics, skincare market and so much more. What' s Next - My GREEN Beauty Team - This month!

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