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Monday, May 27, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The RIght Whey to loose Wgt.

EYE on GREEN Magazine: The RIght Whey to loose Wgt.: I have been doing Whey Protein shakes for 6 weeks, and I found it to be significantly helpful to shed extra pounds.   As we age, our bodi...

The RIght Whey to loose Wgt.

I have been doing Whey Protein shakes for 6 weeks, and I found it to be significantly helpful to shed extra pounds.   As we age, our bodies metabolism slows down.  If you are deficient in protein, this is just another way for the body to "Crave" food with empty calories.  In my life, I dare not to eat meat.  If I do I eat meat as a treat.  Poultry on the other hand, I eat in small amounts.  I buy organic chicken since it is the "only" protein I will consume.  Fish is an awesome alternative, but I worry about mercury.   I keep fish to about 1 or 2x a week.  :I  pack on my fruits and vegetables in my diet.   Like anything else,  if my fruits and an veggies are not in sync, I wind up gaining wgt due to the overload of sugared geared fruits.  Okay so, now what do I do?  I decided to give WHEY protein a try.   But to do this, I new I was going to have to cut all of my sugars out. My morning cookie and coffee would have to be a thing of the past in order to loose weight the right way.

My first night of detox was unbelievable....that little cookie and chocolate that gave me my  energy boost was weighing me down.  I actually,  thought I "needed" the cookie, then I realized I was addicted to sugar.  I  woke up the next day refreshed and with more energy.  No sugar needed in my daily  routine anymore.

The next day, I started the "drink"  Whey protein shake that is...I was hoping that I could substitute 1 shake per meal and pray that I can stay full  for a  reasonable meal.

My Shake Story is a recipe that really helped  me brake-through the hunger and gave my body the needed  protein that it was lacking.  I do this shake 1 once a day and I have managed to loose the belly-fat.

The Whey protein that I use is a chocolate powder....already yummy!  Only 140 calories per scoop.  24g of protein and the kicker is.....2g of sugars.

Recipe - Whey Shake  8oz glass      SLIM ur FACE  here  Face shaping colors!

1 4oz cup of  almond milk  45 calories vanilla
1 scoop of whey protein powder chocolate 140 calories
1 4oz cup of frozen strawberries or banana  100 calories
*blend on high 1 full minute.
300 Calories

***Shake should be thick and chocolatey like "mac-Donald's  consistency....lol

If the Shake is too thick,  add some more Almond Milk or ice water and re-blend on high until you get  the ultimate "smoothie" blend.  I drink my Whey into shape by going to the gym to "pump iron!"

Now after 2 months of WHEY I am convinced this is what my body was missing. I need WHEY PROTEIN NOURISHMENT!
I lost 3 -4 pounds and I am able to keep it off....no more bloating belly-fat!

More facts on WHEY protein below -

Whey protein is:
  • A protein found in milk
  • Fast-absorbing
  • In your body for a shorter time
  • A good supplement after intense workouts
Casein protein is:
  • The main protein in milk
  • Slow-absorbing
  • In your body for a longer time
  • A good supplement for meal replacements or to take before bed

Thursday, May 23, 2013

PR wanted not the OLD....

Lady GAGA  business model
Are you a blogger? Would you like to write about E YE ON BEAUTY?  Currently,  EYE ON BEAUTY is looking for FREE Press from an individual blogger that wants to write about us  and exchange a link back to their site.  We are NOT the  Old  "Ball &  Chain" Business model - we are new WHIPS & CHAINS battling to get our brand noticed...do you have what it takes...to promote EYE ON BEAUTY?  Lady GAGA has her business model and we got ours ....romantic - reincarnated sexy!  We invite you to get on board!

Wait....there's more.... we like to give "thanks" to the people that help us out.  You will be rewarded with a (fashion) gift from EYE ON BEAUTY plus a back-link....we  promise.. and we do what we say!

write me or send me copy on how you can best promote EYE ON BEAUTY - online shop!

WE are GREEN with LOVE and want to pass it around!

need  to inquire more?  you can write to   terry@eyeonbeauty.info

or just send me "the copy" to the above address.

EYE ON  BEAUTY - wear your beauty naturally!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: High Tide Fashion - SINNER

EYE on GREEN Magazine: EYE on GREEN Magazine: High Tide Fashion: EYE on GREEN Magazine: Green Jasper Whip Necklace :  EYE On Beauty is always green with a touch of blue.  If you don't catch the wave of...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: High Tide Fashion

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Green Jasper Whip Necklace:  EYE On Beauty is always green with a touch of blue.  If you don't catch the wave of  these "one of a kind" handmade items.......

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Green Jasper Whip Necklace

 EYE On Beauty is always green with a touch of blue.  If you don't catch the wave of  these "one of a kind" handmade items....well, I guess there will be another sale, but why wait, get ready to surf with these beautiful necklines.  

Green Jasper

Love it - love the price - buy it now!

Blue Surfer

Whips 2 Wave

Handmade 2 Love BLUE SURFER Necklace

Friday, May 10, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Green-up MOM!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Green-up MOM!:   Lady Green What do you have when a makeup artist combines a  jewelry and Eco-fashion apparel line?     Answer : A very busy EYE on Gr...

Green-up MOM!


Lady Green

What do you have when a makeup artist combines a  jewelry and Eco-fashion apparel line?     Answer : A very busy EYE on Green Beauty!  oh, but we forgot to mention the very seriously hip-mom that is making friends all over the social networks.  Where will you find Terry Ruvo Next?
Interview by: Afrik Beauty

TERRY RUVO..the  lady that loves to live ''GREEN''!!!!
I am happy to bring to you another  great lady that so much enjoys  being self employed. Terry Ruvo a New york based fine artist but her own artistry is not on canvas but on women faces, skin and body.  Founder of an online beauty shop- EYE on BEAUTY and publisher of GREEN Magazine, Terry if you happen to meet her  exhibits so much passion for  her career. I  met her online and decided to find out more  about  her. 

Terry's EYE on BEAUTY online shop was established in 2008 to give people the choice of purchasing Paraben &Cruelty FREE Beauty products.  This shop sells categories of skincare, makeup brands, jewelry, Tye-dye T-shirts, hand made personal perfume oils for both men and women. She said most of her products are so competitive that you might not be able to get them in other shops. Due to high cost of shipping  she can only ship to residents of U.S for now. 

''EYE  on BEAUTY  is all about wearing your beauty naturally in your heart, mind and body'' says Terry!  I asked her how she caters for her male clients satisfactory. 

''Men love personalized beauty gifts'' she said.  This means that the shop do personalized T-shirts, Jewelry no one has for her male clients and they love every bit of it. There are  also the perfume oils for couples and lovers who love to shop together to pamper their body.
Find:  Terry Ruvo EYE ON BEAUTY at her shop  Fashion Eco-green EYE ON BEAUTY
Twitter:   terry6106
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/terry.ruvo
utube:   http://www.youtube.com/user/terry6106

Now, if you have met Terry in any of the social Networks, you must have observed her passion for MAKEUPS and its Applications. This is where i guess her confession of being an artist plays a big role.  Terry said,-''  Makeup  is my palette of colors, and your face is my blank canvas''. See what i mean folks? Seriously? This dame can do lots of  art work with makeups on the face. Trust me ...i know! Just like a great painter/artist showing her expertise on the canvas.   Can Terry go a day without wearing makeup? Jacqui asked.   ''NO''  she loves wearing ''nude'' palette everyday. She confessed that she cannot do without Mascara and tinted moisturizer . Light nudes, warm golds with pink are makeups she listed that gives the face perfect look.

for more go here: http://afrikbeauty.webs.com/self-employed-loving-it

MOMMY Drink to Your Health

Make It! The Unadulterated Margarita Recipe

This margarita goes back to the basics, refusing to be adulterated by the corn-syrup-heavy, neon green mixes you see on store shelves. Ingredients:
1½ ounces organic tequila
1 ounce Cointreau or triple sec (or a splash of organic OJ)
1½ ounces organic lime juice (from one large organic lime)
1 teaspoon organic agave syrup (optional)
Coarse salt and an organic lime slice for garnish
Mix ingredients over ice, stir, and serve on the rocks. Garnish rim of glass with course salt (optional) and organic lime slice.
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  The Mommy List

5  Rules to Swear By

 Mommy Heidi
Mommy's need to stay healthly.  With a long list of things to do for family and children, mommy can't forget about herself.  Here are few things to get mommy's back on track for Mother's Day and everyday.

1.  SLEEP - rules the roost!

Sleep is number one on the chart.  Practice relaxation techniques through out the day. Going to t he sack will be easier.  Sticking to a schedule will keep your eternal clock in shape.  We set a routine fit for the kids - and this routine is a good fit for mommy.

2.   Physical Fitness -  comes after your sleep is adequate.  I only go to the gym when I have adequate sleep.  Exercise only works when the body can endure physical activity without injury.   An easy routine( there's that word again!)  for daily activity should be prescribed as a way of life.   20 minutes a day works for most.  10 minutes cardio and 10 minutes weight training.

3.  Eating right/ Healthy nutrition - Let's go back to basics. without the confusion.   The basic food groups are a good way to start.  3 basic easy meals.  Eat hand full palm size portions.  Eat what comes from the earth.  Fruits, Vegetables,  proteins, grains.  Please eat organic as much as possible.  If you stick to the basics you will be emotionally and physically stronger.  For me this is the ultimate way to stay sexy!

4.  Have Fun - don't be too serious about anything...even if  a situation is grim there is always a way to change it.   Working towards a goal and accomplishing small daily goals gets me to stay positive.  Then I reward myself,   I give myself anything that suits my fancy!   Pulling a weekender spontaneous vacation with a loved one.  Just buying a new pair of shoes, or sharing in the delightful things about life with a huge glass of wine!
Get a mommy Gift   EYE ON BEAUTY - Sexy Mama!

5.   Bitterness out  - Healthy Heart In - here is no room for bitterness in my life nor should it be in yours.  Remember, it is easier to make war than to make love.  This is the reason why people hold grudges.  Grudges and judging is not part of my world.  It is not part of Gods world.  So live and let live.  Be Kind, Be nice.  Make love to yourself and others, by cutting and giving people room to  grow and find their way.   Give Kind Spirit and support to others - do this by acting on it.  It is good for the heart!

WOW your Next Smile

Announcing Organic for Green livings reviews… Helping you to Live green, natural, and healthy!
I have some exciting news my friends about a new product that I believe you will love and will help you on your road to living a green and healthy lifestyle.  This product will help improve your smile, improve your dental health, and help you feel better about yourself.
WOW Powder Oral Rinse:  WOW is definitely an appropriate name for this product. This product is dentist recommended and studies indicate that it helps prevent caries.   Why?
  • Natural, safe ingredients – It is a unique combination of prepared silica, baking soda and contains Xylitol a low-calorie natural sweetener that is found in fibers of many fruits and vegetables such as berries and endive.  It is safe and tooth friendly, no need to worry about harmful ingredients or toxic chemicals. 
  •  Whitening Power — It has amazing whitening powers for your teeth. My husband is an avid coffee drinker and he tends to get bad breath. Since he has drunk coffee for 40 years and has at least 10 cups daily you can only imagine how the coffee has stained his teeth even though he goes to the dentist for regular check ups and cleanings. He used this once and I could actually see that is teeth were brighter, not to mention that his breath was really kissable, but I don’t want to kiss and tell now – Do I?
  • It great for smokers too – Helps stop that smokers breath and the yellow or gray discoloring that smokers many times have. You could also quit smoking which would be so good for your health, but that another subject for another day.
  • It is so easy to use – just pour the flavorful powder from the convenient stick packages on your tongue and swish in around for about 90 seconds, you can swallow it or if you prefer spit it out, no need for any water. You can easy put this in your purse or for a man in your pocket for those times when its just not possible to brush. 
  • Instant oral care — Helps you to maintain healthy gums, removes nasty food debris and stains from your teeth, cleans, disinfects, and removes plague from your teeth. WOW effectively helps to remove plaque and fight bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease.
  •  4 Great tasting flavors  — Megamint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus – so use all 4 or choose your favorite flavor!

More Great reading for mom -  go to MARLA GATES - 11 Ways to go Healthy Mom!

 Free samples on WOW and other GREEN PRODUCTS write to terry@eyeonbeauty.info

WOMEN'S HEALTH Natural Remedies  by: Zilvinas Andrikonis

 Prenatal to Postnatal
Painful periodsDrinkdouble -strength chamomile tea ,adding three or four cloves or a little  ginger if necessary . Also use  the same tea as a bath or as a compress applied to the  lower abdomen. Take marigold ,chamomile or peppermint tea regularly for  the two weeks beforehand in order to avoid tension building up .
Premenstrual tension and painful breasts? Drink sage and fennel  tea and apply a compress or poultice of chamomile or marigold .For water rretention , use parsley , juniper or corn silk .Parsley is also helpful for regulating periods .
Vaginal thrush? Make a bath or douche from garlic vinegar or marigold tea .
Menopause? Drink cold sage tea for hot flushes . Take oats and parsley for depression and general support .
Nausea in pregnancy Drink  ginger , lemon and honey tea .
Birth Drink chamomile tea made with three or four cloves for a week or two before the birth . A salt and marigold bath  helps healing afterwards .
Ms Jessica
Breast feeding : Fennel tea helps the milk flow  and reduces colic . Weak fennel tea can also be given directly to the baby .For mastitis , try a carrot or cabbage poultice . Chamomile and marigold compresses are soothing and healing . Cold sage tea will help to dry up the milk flow  if required .

  MOMMY Pink or Red

 Pink or Red you be the judge.  Hollywood is ageless...shouldn't you  be.  Lip color builds confidence even if it is a pale shade of pink or a lovely hue of nude, do a face justice. Check out the lip treats here....Mom's or not - here they come!  

Lip Color Pink-Nude   MERCY LIP CREAM

Blondes look hot in a pink/blue undertone hue.  Pair with a classic eye - lips say:  "I am your evening dessert."
Try this candy color  Fushia pink

Lip Color  Gloss - PASSION FRUIT  Lip Cream Gloss

Are you the mom that likes to heat things up?  Red is sexy and sweet. Get red and stop them in their tracks - focus is all on you Mommy!

Lip Color  Red/orange   MAIN SQUEEZE go SOLAR  hot

Thursday, May 9, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Free Bracelet

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Free Bracelet: Buy any t-shirt on EYE ON BEAUTY and receive a free glass bracelet to wear!  EYE On Beauty is the only  retailer that makes homemade items ...

Free Bracelet

Buy any t-shirt on EYE ON BEAUTY and receive a free glass bracelet to wear!  EYE On Beauty is the only  retailer that makes homemade items that are one-of-a-kind.  Get your next re-cycled beauty from us.  We love our customers and ALWAYS give you  freebies with your purchase! go to the GLASS Bracelet pic on the Left or...

Go to EYE ON BEAUTY Shop for Men and Women