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Monday, January 5, 2015

Top 5 Green Beauty Company's and Spas

Without further delay, I would love to introduce my TOP 5 PICKS FOR GREEN BEAUTY & SPAS for 2015 . You may to want visit these select niche spas for pampering or treating yourself to some Green Beauty.  Green Beauty is here to stay - it's not going away!  Due to popular demand or should I say - healthy demands from public beauty,  Eye On Green Beauty is an industry on the rise. Each of these companies is not only good at Green Beauty, Green is a way of Life in ever aspect of their business. Customer Service is highly sacred to these business owners. They provide quality in their items, many are mom and pop shops, that do business the old fashion way. They are not interested in mass production, they are interested in bringing handmade beauty into high demand.  Keep your EYE ON BEAUTY for these Top 5 GEMS of the Green - they are on our Radar!

1.  Www.at-easespa.com
2.  Www.eyeonbeauty.info  
3. Www.beessential.com     
4. Www.lotionglow.com
5. Www.erbeskincare.com

In the small town of Hillsdale, NJ you will find a sanctuary of beauty.  A small green spa that delivers holistic beauty and massage. I am talking about @easespa taking the #1 spot.  I recommend this spa to all of my friends and family - a slice of heaven on earth.

EYE on BEAUTY has been in business since 2008.  All of our products are paraben and cruelty Free - non animals are every used in testing nor any animal bi-products in any formulations. We offer a very small yet exclusive color line, basically the essentials for bringing out natural beauty. In  June of 2014 we launched our natural fragrance line for women and men.  The scents are designed for light wear and can be layered with compatible products such as our beauty milk balms. We gives these out as a free item in perfume purchases. They are becoming one of our "sought after items." We give back to the Human Society - PETA and many other wildlife associations.

Bee Essential has the most classic and friendly shop online.  I only wish I can meet the honey bees that are buzzing around making all of these beautiful products.  I received a shipment of peppermint body wash, body cream and hand wash that was absolutely amazing. I love this company! If Bee Essential sets up a shop in my town, I will totally BEE their best customer!

When it comes to luxury, Lotion Glow says it all in handmade soy body candles.   Products are outstanding in quality. Soy Candles burn with the beauty of aromatherapy and holistic healing. The line is for women to love, and men to enjoy as well.  Say "Hello" to Sandra for me - I am proud to be associated with her in the Green industry as well as being a wonderful mentor to me.

Erbe Skincare is authentic Italian beauty at its best. For 20 years ERBE has offered New Yorkers a unique rejuvenating experience. As far as spa facial products, I believe they are my pick for 2014 and forever.  I have been using the Chamomile ultra-light facial moisturizer. It has worked miracles for my skin.

I recommend visiting My Top 5 Green Beauty Businesses for your travels in 2015. You will enjoy ever bit of the finest quality in natural beauty and follow in the new world that are we blossoming in today.