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Sunday, July 27, 2014

How 2 layer scents

What is the Stink'in idea about layer scents?  It's kinda like baking a cake...  Layering scents can be a luxurious 2-3 step process. First, let's take the word "process" out of the equation.  Processed perfumes mean "stinking" as appossed to natural scenting. For perfume lovers, please select your fragrance carefully.  There has been a big "stir" on toxicities in perfumes and my other toiletry products.   Did you ever think about why they call perfumes "toilet water?".   It is hard to believe but many big brand products use substances such as preservatives to expand the shelf life of beauty products.... and it has nothing to do with water!  Alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, phalates.... are just a few to avoid. So you see, when layering fragrances, you will be piling on unnecessary chemicals to you skin.   If you love to smell good and enjoy scenting, please use natural fragrances, such as EYE ON BEAUTY.  We believe that only pure oils should be used as perfumes. Our perfumes are   pocketbook , seductive  roll-ons of unique scents for men and women.  EYE ON BEAUTY Natural beauty shop
We have clean citrus, floral, and seductive woods fragrances. All of our fragrance oils are long lasting!

Your plan for layering scents is the following:
First, cleans skin or area before your apply
Second, Shake bottle to mix fragrance oil. Third, Cream it First - with a companion scent butter, then apply perfume oil over the cream.

1.  Find your pulse points.

Men you have pulse points too!  My favorites pulse points for men, as many women would agree are -
Wrists: I love a guy that puts fragrance on his wrists, so when he touches my face, I get a pleasant whiff.
Neck: Necks are a must, especially on the nape of the neck, behind ears, (not on ears lobes) but best when you place a bit of oil through your hair.

2. Other hot spots for scenting?
Small of your back - zero in on a big scent right above your bum.
In between the legs, and back of thighs:  - so when you leave him or her, your scent will guild your lover back! 
Hair:  place some oil on the back of your locks.  The breeze through your hair will naturally diffuse the scent.  I will never forget the time when a male friend of my, actually put his entire nose in my hair.... and said, "I never smelled hair this good.". yes, true story.
Best spot for Men to scent is ...
3. His Naval:  This is like total JOY for a woman to spend time around that area when the naval  smells delicious! But please, make sure there is NO FUZZ in your bellybutton.... unless, it is scented! ...lol

So you see, when you layer your scent in all spots with the cream first, then use the roll-on to lift the fragrance higher - you will have a difference experience, especially if you want a little more attention.  If you are a strong and silence type, women included here, just use the perfume butter or the roll-on oil for a soft subtle seduction.

I dare you to try it.  Tell me about your EYE ON BEAUTY perfume experience and get a link back to your website from ours when you write a review for us.  BTW samples are only $5

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