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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Perfect Magazine - Sept Issue 2012

Bright Pink Rhinestone Cocktail Ring
...  here are some sneaky companies that made it in  passed  my "eye"   Anika Organic Luxury, Vanity Spray Tans, and what do you know about Lotion Glow French Body Candles? Sounds good to me!   Are u Ready for more....Eco-friendly is a big part of the game, with high quality, low cost handmade apparel.  Gifts start a $5.00  Your beauty is worth it and" beauty" is my pleasure to offer the best -  at the Natural Beauty Boutique -  EYE ON BEAUTY online Shop!

My dear friend and Green Blogger, Marla Gates majors in Green Livings! She has answers on the most wanted list of parabens, sulfates, GMO's - O My!  My fave article for this week is “Going Green on a Budget–Using Natural Alternatives!”: Do you want to know "5 Top Ways to help keep your children away from Toxic Chemicals?"   Children & Toxic Chemicals See Marla's  trustworthy green articles here:  Gates to Green wide open!  Have you all met my friend Aidan Gibson?  See what the "other side of the pond" is doing. Go here to see Aidan's  Eco-Intelligent Blog. Green UK

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the gift of  a nutritious meal is worth even more. I invite you to see the "Golden Days Gone Bye Treasures."  Remember, your purchase goes to feeding a child that can not provide for themselves.  See my gift of "pink" below,   uniquely designed cocktail ring. The kindness of your heart is pure "Royalty."  Giving is  holiday spirit.  Please shop here: Golden Days Gone Bye Charity Gifts 

The Green Social Networking Scene.   Did you know that, I don't really "like" facebook?   I mean it's okay...but only for chat.  I like to chat, but I like business chat, not so much social chat.  If you are looking to connect with business people in NYC/NJ area the best place would be to find me here:  twitter:   terry6106   google+,   I have two groups on linkedIn   "Salons Going Green", and "Healthy Green life for Beauty Exchange Group".  There are so many health remedies to share with me and my group. Ladies please see this conversation on Bone health go here: An easy way to help your bones and its about as green as you can get!! Let The Sunshine In And Have Strong And Healthy Bones.

Green Pig Tips

Some are good, some are bad, some are stinky  social networking sites!
Details for networking sites: The 3 Worst Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business (And What...
What you need to know and do about stinky social networking sites?  Don't get caught in the pile of  S*** Here are some ways to sort through the "time wasting  muck."   I  use only  3 social networking sites that serves business purpose.  LinkedIn as my number #1   Twitter is my number #2  Google+  is my #3  Link all these apps together and  point them to your  website page.Sign up with Alexa rating scale to see where your website ranks.  http://www.alexa.com/
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It's All About the Tan!

not the shoes...

Company Name  : Vanity Spray Tan

Founder/CEO &  Contact - Candace Weidenmiller

Address: PSC 817 Box 50 FPO AE 09622
Phone: 888 979 8267  West Coast Branch: (619) 866-4368.

- How long are you in the GREEN Business? 4 years

- What is your GREEN product or Service? 
  We offer Eco-cert Organic and organic blend sunless solutions that are USA made, cruelty, alcohol, and paraben free. We are #1 selling product in Italy and offer affordable business kits to help others start their own successful tanning business!

Company Vision: To provide prestigious and superior sunless products worldwide and to give the tools so others can start their successful sunless businesses and earn up to $96,000 a year in only ten tans a day.

EYE ON BEAUTY Review -  I love this company!  The reasons are simple.  Vanity Organic Spray  Tans offer a start up package for only 29.99...unbelievable!  It is easy to start your own spray tanning business.  If you have a salon or spa - this is the perfect ad on.  I will be spray tanning myself and my friends and their boyfriends! Men want it as well as women...lol! Vanity Spray Tans to the rescue!  Rescue your  bottom line and profit in your salons!  -  Terry Ruvo  CEO/Publisher

Wax Much?

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I use think a "wax is just a wax."  My experience in the past has been nothing to brag about, except pain and re-growth soon after.  Now that I switched to EUROPEAN WAX CENTER, I am a changed woman!  Get your next "wax Job" with EWC and get it for free.  Just mention my name "Terry Ruvo."   This is a 1x wax offer to new clients.  If you are not "hot" about waxing you  will be after you experience EWC!  This Free offer is good for any location all over the US.  Men, I know you will enjoy taking it off as well!  Stop by and get that belly waxed!  Let's see your nice bare canvas!

Strong in Organics since 1962

 Company Name:  The Organic SPA

 Founder/CEO:  Joerg Demuth

Address: Ettlinger Strasse 11 -76297 Stutensee - Germany Phone:  +49 7249 952251
 Email: contact@theorganicspa.eu

 How long are you in the GREEN Business? Since 1962

 What is your GREEN product or Service? It all began with a vision of an exclusive spa product line that – in harmony with nature – would give people not only beauty but also well-being, experiences and sustainability.  

A German manufacturer built in the heart of Europe, inspired by the proximity to France, refined using the best ingredients in the world.  A unique, bespoke organic treatment system for face and body, using rituals, massages and sensations that can be found and experienced in select spas all around the globe.

  • stands for experience, devotion and beauty.
  • stands for tradition, without overlooking the spirit of the time.
  • stands for people who seek luxury with value.
  • stands for sustainability, fair trade and certified organic farming.
  • stands for purity, honesty, ethics and integrity. 

New Products in the future? We are currently working on a new range of highly concentrated active serums for all skin types. More to come soon!
Company Vision/The Story:  The whole journey started with my mother. Her grandmother passed all the knowledge about plants, essential oils, remedies to her and left a strong impression on her. The love for herbs, infusions, flowers and scents was born. My mother was attracted by the concept of organic farming and gardening. With this background born into a family of scientist, dedicated to organic farming and a natural lifestyle, sustainability was always part of our entire life. Recycling and reusing are core principles since ever. The idea for the SPA Brand is just a reflection of our own lifestyle: We believe in Organic Luxury, authentic luxury and handcrafted refined dedicated luxury products.

Personal info:

Joerg Demuth is the Founder of “The Organic Spa”, an authentic luxury spa brand, and the Founder of “ANIKA Organic Luxury”, a holistic certified organic range of spa products. Since graduating as a Food Technologist specialized in Cosmetics and Detergents, Joerg has become a leading personality in the natural organic field in Europe, and his company, ANIKA, is a recognized pioneer in creating, producing and having certified unique ranges of natural organic spa products.

EYE ON BEAUTY Reviews: "A tough act to follow in the season of sustainable organics." I was amazed at  the unbelievable stats and vision of  this company.  Joerg has built a strong company with solid products.  His dedication and strict code of  ethics has created strength as a  pioneer in organics.   "If you have German in your blood you may understand where the 3 D's come from (Determination, Drive & Dedication)  If you don't, it's okay, working with Joerg will get you there!....Unstoppable!"  Terry Ruvo - CEO

  • One of the first companies certified by BDIH for “controlled natural skincare”.
  • The first company certified under EU2092 for Organic Standards, including for Organic Plant Extracts.
  • The first company certified by Naturland, the German organic certifying body.
  • The first company using FSC certified paper packaging worldwide
  • Recognized in a WTO (World Trade Organization) industry study as a “leading innovator”.

 My Little Black Hot List!

My favorite  product that I use to decrease under-eye puffiness is "little Secret Weapon."  The finest indigence and shows visible differences around the delicate eye area.

Little Secret Weapon Order BlackBox


This incredible serum is designed to instantly tighten the delicate skin tissue under the eye, while reducing & removing puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. LSW has an very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, microalgae, 6 different wrinkle-reducing Peptides, Hexapeptides, & Dipeptides. These extremely effective amino acid based compounds have a fast absorption rate and the effects are often compared to botox, because they cause the skin to relax... safely and naturally. For long-term benefits, LSW is loaded with collagen building aminos, vitamins, & other age-defying compounds. There isn't another under-eye product available anywhere that is so powerful. LSW is organically preserved.
MSRP $41.25 Retail
Web Price $32.95 Dist price
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Buy the Salon Kit for $149.00 ,  get Your Own Website, and distributor pricing! Best part - work with "Me and my Team" Go BlackBox! Contact Terry Ruvo 201-895-6571Get on BlackBox! Salons newest cutting edge products! Get the BlackBox Edge!  
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Fall Into French Spa!

Lotion Glow Your Body! 

2 New Products form Lotion Glow Body Candles

1.  New Creek-side Fire, Handmade by Lotion glow, All Soy Organic Lotion Body Candle
A Top note of Cinnamon,with a soft splash of Vanilla, with a soft woodsy scent.

2. French Vannelle' a soft scent of French Vanilla, with a splash of Cocanut...Ssssaaahhh, the word, Island take you away.

Get your seasonal  favorites and early Holiday Gifts!
 See u Buy the "Creek-side" Fire!"   my #1 Pic!  Enjoy your Glow everyone!

Look of the Month

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First,  Give sexy appeal to your eyes during the day with a soft brown shadow, a touch of peach and feathery lashes.  

"Flip Flop" Lip Creme $12.00


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Give yourself sultry for night! This is EYE On GREEN Magazine's mascot color, Manhunt is a Black/Green. Rich beautiful color!

This is an easy, "purse your lips hot" look for fall!  Go here and get it! EYE On Beauty Shop

LA Tremor - Silky Eye Shadow $8.00


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