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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Sweat it! Save!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Promos! Save B4 You GO! $$$: Eye On Beauty Click link Below:  online 2 The Beach w/savings!    http://www.eyeonbeauty.info Sunset Strip 3-way ELF To the B...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Deals 2 the Beach!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: online Natural Beauty Boutique Beach Deals!: online 2 The Beach w/savings!    All you need on the Beach for your ELF on the go....click link above to see more colors. Practical and aff...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Salon Customers want this! Naturelle d'Argan Coupon $3...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: EYE on GREEN Magazine: Naturelle d'Argan Coupon $3...: EYE on GREEN Magazine: Naturelle d'Argan Coupon $30.00 off / Free ship! : Green Deal! Coupon Code: eyeongreen   Click on the link...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Naturelle d'Argan Coupon $30.00 off / Free ship!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Naturelle d'Argan Coupon $30.00 off / Free ship!: Green Deal! Coupon Code: eyeongreen   Click on the link below to activate Eye on Green Mag coupon for Naturelle d'Argan ...

Serious GREEN MAKEUP Video & Savings!

Model is wearing "lilac"
 Yolanda Kennedy  http://www.ladiesgoinggreen.com hosted an amazing show today.  See live footage of green makeup techniques, green makeup product application and advice.  Indulge in the savings on the Green Makeup that was featured during the show!  Click on this link below or sign up to VOLKE and a see the magic of green makeup come to life with fabulous easy green makeup instruction from Terry Ruvo -  Makeup Artist/Colorist over 20 years of experience.


Eye On Beauty
Click link Below: 
Sunset Strip 3-way ELF
To the Beach - your ELF on the go....click link above to see more colors.  Amazing highlighter for your entire face. Practical and affordability... a college student or a mom on the run in the sun...carry these small beauty gems at affordable prices. Choose your color!  Most items are a free ship.  Sunset Strip $20.00 (pic below), Body Butters Natural Hand-Made samples only $3, Natural Wooden Beach Necklace $10.00,  Celebrity &  Femme Famous Colors!  -  Eye on Beauty Lip Cremes $12.00, why pay more for Naturals.. get them online at the Natural Beauty Boutique!

Pencil Me In Cosmetics

To take advantage of the promotional offer log onto:  www.PencilMeInCosmetics.com, click on the retail customers link at the top, then scroll to the bottom navigation and click on the link which says "promotional offers."  Click on the second promotion offering a 20% discount.  The user id and password is the same:  eyeongreen.  all lower case with no spaces.  Choose the eyeliners to purchase and click "add to cart" at the bottom.  How did you hear about us?  Please use Terry Ruvo as the referral when  at check out to get 20% off.

Zosimos Botanicals
offers a huge full-line of organic 
cosmetics,skincare, shampoos,
trail sizes
starting at $3.00
New customer placing an order will get a 15% discount.
Use  coupon code: TR  at check out.

The best way to get a tan...is to Tan Organic click on the orange link below and get 10% off on your purchase. It is time to be a "tan face" and not a pale face! Take advantage of the  package deals from Tan Organic!Click on the link, go to Eye On Beauty site, then Click on the Legs!




Monday, March 26, 2012

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Customers want to Tan-Organic!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Customers want to Tan-Organic!: Customers  want an Organic Spay Tan. I finally came across a product that is easy to use and Organic. Tan-Organic is a "luck of a Green C...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EYE on GREEN Magazine: March Luck of the GREEN !

EYE on GREEN Magazine: March Luck of the GREEN !: GREEN makes miracles that everyone needs to know about! What are you waiting for? Get your Green on! New Green vendors in every issue ...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

EYE on GREEN Magazine: March Luck of the GREEN !

EYE on GREEN Magazine: March Luck of the GREEN !: GREEN makes miracles that everyone needs to know about! What are you waiting for? Get your Green on! New Green vendors in every issue ...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

EYE on GREEN Magazine: GREEN Affiliates!

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Holy Cow..R U Eating Again!: A Sneak Preview to keep exciting Green Knowledge Growing...It's what we do best! Other Articles on the BIG GREEN industry and beautiful GR...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Tan!

Tan-Organic  Cellulite Buster!
Customers  want an Organic Spay Tan. I finally came across a product that is easy to use and Organic. I love my legs sunny-side-up, no puckering here, except for the smile on my face and expert tanning results! For all the tan-alcoholics out there, Tan-Organic will safely Tan-U-up for the summer.  Watch the tutorials on their site for your own professional tan job. Get a custom package and spray-tan the whole world. Leave your sunglasses as home! Start with TAN-ORGANIC go here http://tanorganic.com/shop/5-products or click on the legs to the right of this page and get 10% off

GREEN makes miracles that everyone needs to know about! What are you waiting for? Get your Green on! New Green vendors in every issue in the areas of spa/salon bath/body skincare  health/wellness and Nutritional tips on the go. The who, What and Where to get Green! Step up to "green fitness" and really kick some....well, you know! "Kick it" here  - Grab some in April  - a Feature for your Green products in EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE.  write: terry@eyeonbeauty.info

Marching into spring and save big with trusted organic skincare choose Naturelle d'Argan.  Catch spring fever with a 3 pc skincare set for $25.00  Free shipping! I just ordered mine - get yours! See my reviews in February issue of Eye on Green
go here: http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-moisturizing-system

Live Webcast on GREEN MAKEUP!  60 minute interactive tutorial on April 2nd
with Ladies Going Green Gal - Yolanda Kennedy Ladies Going Green
Learn about  Who is Green makeup? What is Green Makeup? Skincare/Makeup Techniques - Where to Get GREEN Makeup! Take the time poll on the side for your own specialized learning seminar!  write to terry@eyeonbeauty.info

  Mother Nature Knows Best Since many of our food products are  made in a plant and not derived from plants, there are many reasons to buy Organic. Let's keep it simple!
1.  Breads/Grains  -  Get you hands on the amazing Ezekiel bread! No more HFC! read more here: EYE on GREEN Magazine: Find ur Amazing Ezekiel Bread 4:9 
2.  Fruits/ Vegetables  - My favorite fruit is the Apple. I eat 1-3 a day. Get them organic and antioxidants included! Read more here: Holy Apple! Burns the Fat!
3.  Milk/Meats -  Many people believe that the "cow" is not the same cow of 50 years ago.  The cow has been pumped with steroids to produce more muscle for meat and to product more milk. The same routine is done with poultry.  We are eating "Super Meats" superior in the fact that they are "growing" like the "American Waistline."   Unnatural and Artificially manufactured. Therefore, when you eat your meat (s) eat organically.  Human are herbivorous, meats to be eaten in small amounts. A serving should be palm size only 2x to 3x a week. Since humans are consuming meats in small amounts, it shouldn't "break the bank."  Actually, it is cutting the fat - and making room for better choice meats and protein purchases, such as beans, nuts, fish.  The waistline and purse will benefit!
The Fast Track to Green Fitness:
If you are on the fast track to spring fitness - slow down!  "Slow and steady" wins the race.  Here are some quick easy green fitness tips to fight the flab - and burn up the track as well as the calories. Start the day off with a low calorie shake.  I love the taste of my Berry-Delicious Slim Shakes.  This is my #1 drink delight - that fills me up, and won't slow me down. Try this recipe:
Power Berry Shake -
Almond or Organic Rice Milk     $1.69
1 bag of frozen mixed berries  $3.99
1 cup of ice                              $1.00 purified water (ice cubes)
1 organic apple                      . 69 Cents
In a blender or food processor, add 1 cup of organic rice milk, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries and 1 cup of ice cubes. 3-4 apple chunks. Combine all, and blend to a smooth texture.  Add a shot of honey if you wish. Makes one 8oz. berry- delicious smoothie! I use tall flute glasses to make it extra special! Try to drink one smoothie once a day and have light meals through out your day! Drink and enjoy the Antioxidants!
Step 2.
Walking 20 minutes a day will do wonders for your metabolism and health.  Combine 20 minutes of cardio exercise with 10 minutes of light muscle toning wgt. lifting.  Doing consistent exercise daily at a pace that is right for you will bring emotional, physical, mind and body well-being benefits.

Step 3.  Cardio -  Muscle Toning Menu
Column  A      20 min            Column B    10 min
Run                                           Arm curls  
Walk                                          Leg curls
Biking                                        Pilates
Elliptical                                    Squats

Rotate the above charts to keep you consistent and motivated! Slow and steady Green Fitness is gaining  in popularity and winning the race!
Berries for the LIPS and never on the HIPS !
Berries are also good for the lips.  Treat your lips to "Passion fruit." or "XOXO" Paraben & cruelty Free!  A color that is delicious for all, smooth light on the lips and never on the hips. This lip Creme is in a deluxe case. Huge size and huge color benefits! Free shipping! Go here:  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

Above:"XoXo"    below:  "Passion Fruit"

Social Media and BIG GREEN AFFILIATES - This may as a surprise but did you know that Social Media Networks come in many different shapes and sizes! Affiliate programs are enhancing social networks and web store businesses?  Are you working your affiliates and are they working for you? Do you know what an affiliate is? An Affiliate link (s) can be added to your website and become a very profitable resource for information and sales on a product.  Many Green affiliates are cropping up all over as the Green networks, blogs, and website stores.  I added some "Green Root" affiliate links to EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE site.  See above:  Silk Virgin and Naturelle D'Argan.  Mostly all affiliate programs are free and it is your free choice on who you want to be affiliated with.  Since I work and have many links in the spa, salon, green beauty industries signing up with Silk Virgin and Naturelle d'Argan oil would be beneficial to my green networks and business.  Some affiliates pay up to 15% commission or more if a sale comes directly from your website.  Think about affiliates! it's GREEN,It's Free! An easy rewards system that pays for posting an affiliate ad on your website page. Sign up here, get your affiliate link and start making some extra cash! 
Naturelle D'Argan oil  http://www.frenchorganicbrands.com/affiliate_info.asp  and  SILK Virgin http://www.silkvirgin-usa.com/content/become-affiliate

Nature's Power: A Gift Of Health
Discover the GIFT of  Health. This UK company has an extraordinary website fill with amazing information on product and ingredients. A philosophy that is green and honorable. A company to get acquainted with as the spa and salon industry moves deeper into green and organics. 
Company Name:  GIFT OF HEALTH   
Phone:     00 44 (0) 78 15 16 72 08
Email:  info@gift-health.co.uk
 How long are you in the GREEN Business?   
2 years
What is your GREEN product or Service?      
 I have developed an ultra nourishing and
organic skin cream, entirely handmade, with Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil,  avocado oil, aloe vera gel, and lemon essential oil. It helps fight eczema, stretch marks, wrinkles, cracked hands and feet. Free of any chemical and not tested on animals.
New Products in the future?      
Very soon customers will be able to discover and enjoy the use of an organic
 hair cream, great moisturizer and hair detangler.
 Company Vision:  
Receive Awards from the Customers
 for the Best Products on the
 Organic Skin and Hair Care Market. 
             OF  NATURE. 
Contact Person:  Olga A.FRANKLIN TOSSOU
 Personal info:   I enjoy a healthy lifestyle . I am vegetarian and I love cooking. I love listening to jazz and gospels.

The "Beauty" Behind Thea Skincare line is Althea Giscombe. Looking for a company that is making a difference in skincare for men & women..look no further, and I do recommend visiting the website. Read Althea's remarkable story and follow her blog. http://naturalskincarebythea.blogspot.com
Company Name:   Thea Skincare
Contact person: Althea Giscombe
 Phone: + 44 (0) 115 993 2374
Cell:  +44 (0) 7791 287 471
Email:  thea@theaskincare.com
How long are you in the GREEN Business? 2 years
What is your GREEN product or Service? Natural and Organic Skincare
New Products in the future? Thea Spa Professionals
Company Vision: To offer high quality Natural and Organic skincare fro all skin types and skin colors to enhance the well-being and self esteem of every customer. 
Motto: Believe in yourself, get to know yourself, grow with yourself and the world will grow with you.

More Good News on Organics! Organic food benefits- "An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure." This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin is the answer for just about anything. 
See why organic is the key http://www.ladies-going-green.com/organic-food-benefits.html

"Head -Over -Heals" for Organic Roots   
Head over to Organic Roots.  A full-service Organic line for the entire family, even "Fido" will love the huge selection. Incredible pricing .... it will be hard not to fill your cart with new organics for all to try!  Distributor and affiliate program is offered as well. Indulge, see you there!
Company Name: Organic Roots Founder/CEO: Kari Lane
Contact person: Kari Lane
Address: PO BOX 1318 Nevada city CA 95959
Phone: 530-277-7736
Email: organicrootsbodycare@gmail.com
How long are you in the GREEN Business? 2 years
What is your GREEN product or Service? We supply numerous All Natural Health and Beauty Care Products, but we are featuring our "Mommy and Me" line
New Products in the future? Yes, we just launched some new beauty care products (Herbal Face masks, Shampoo, Conditioner, Black drawing salve, Poison Oak Relief Paste) and many more to come (cellulite scrub, body scrub, mouth wash etc.)
Company Vision: Our Vision at Organic Roots is to open our customers eyes to the ingredients they are putting on their skin and helping them realize that there is an affordable all natural way. We are also in the process of starting up our own farm to grow all our own product and will be teaching classes in the future to educate people who want to learn how to grow the plants and make product themselves.
Motto: "Restoring Health and Beauty Naturally"
Or Business advice: Our advice would be to read your ingredients. If you don't know what they are and you can't even pronounce the words then they probably aren't safe for the skin. The skin is the largest organ on our body and absorbs everything right into the blood stream. Be cautious what you use and know why you use what you do.
  "Luck of the Green Tea" for all!  There are so many health benefits from drinking Green Tea. Some of these benefits are yet to be discovered. I call green tea, "The Tea of Life."  The Taste of Tea has granted EYE On GREEN Magazine with a 10% off  coupon (see bottom of page.)  Honorable indeed. Please enjoy the coupon and allow your own discoveries  to appear with "The Taste of Tea". Drink to your Health!   Company Name: Chado-En LLC The Taste of Tea  Contact:  Donna or Tai Tokugawa   Phone:  (707)875-9370 Website: http://www.thetasteoftea.com  Email: teadocents@chadoen.com
 How long are you in the GREEN Business? Since 2003
 What is your GREEN product or Service? Premium Loose Leaf Teas
 New Products in the future? Chado-En just introduced 3 new and innovative lines last year and we are always looking for unique and interesting presentations of tea.
Company Vision: Chado-En is a boutique tea business deeply steeped in the belief tea is more than a beverage. For over 10 years, Nozomu and Donna Tokugawa have been cultivating their passion for tea through their specialty business, Chado-En. Now serving as Tea Docents with their daughter Tai, the Tokugawa's import and distribute premium loose leaf teas and educate on the Tea Lifestyle while supporting non-profits focused on wellness. They have two brands, Cha-no Aji The Taste of Tea and Shinwa Japanese green tea more than a beverage. The Taste of Tea represents loose leaf teas from Japan, Taiwan and China as well as blends crafted in Germany. This brand has a wellness/spa collection, a foodie collection and many regional single garden varieties. Shinwa is 100% Japanese Functional Teas – Teas that do something very specific in the body or on the skin as a result of very specific processing, growing or breed selections.
 Motto: Japanese Green Tea is more than a Beverage!
Or Business advice: We believe all things are connected and partner with farmers and producers who share our values and are guided by a deep respect for the planet.
 Personal info/but not required:  Chado-En LLC generously supports non-profits focused on wellness through education and leadership.
 Choose The Taste of Tea and get 10% off your purchase:
When checking out customers may use this code to receive 10% Off on all teas, excludes teaware and gifts. Only one promo code may be used on each order, but it may be combined with other in store promotions, such as free shipping, or holiday deals/sales. This is a multiple use code, so they may use it on every order.


Monday, March 5, 2012

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Creamy Delights - Organically Made 2 order!EYE On ...

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Creamy Delights - Organically Made 2 order!EYE On ...: Creamy Delights - Organically Made 2 order! EYE On BEAUTY introduces EPIBODY Organics. EPIBODY is for Every "body". The Use of ess...

Creamy Delights - Organically Made 2 order!

EYE On BEAUTY introduces EPIBODY Organics. EPIBODY is for Every "body". The Use of  essential oils such as Grape Seed, Chamomile, Coconut and Lemon oil brings body enriching, creamy delights. Versatility for many uses,sensibility in price and fragrance. Your in home spa at your fingertips - EpiBody gives the "O" in Organics! All creams are made to order.  Choose from select favorites.  Coco-Lemon, Coco-Sandals, and Coco-Calm.  Coconut oil is used as a base for each body cream. Try a sample at $3.00  - so creamy, so delicately scented, so easy to "spring" forward and have your body fall in love for summer! Use  out of the shower on slightly damp skin. Use in the shower as a shave cream for smooth legs or face. Use as a massage therapy rub for yourself or partner!  Sample is  .05 oz in a lip balm container. Order today! http://www.eyeonbeauty.info