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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Men's Beauty - is Hot!

  A ladies hot list for Men's skincare...say what! 

 Believe it or not, men are really getting into the “grooming thing” for their self vanity.  If a guy is paying attention to “skin details,”  this maybe an extra highlight for the women in this area…  I mean after all, men do get more love when their canvas is smooth.    Here are some top grooming items on the "Men’s list."  I call it the “ladies hot list” for Men's grooming.   Giving some consideration to what the “guys like about our skin”…...I don’t think he will refuse you with these! I love BlackBox Skincare for men and women. BlackBox benefits and solutions for all of your skincare needs. Check out the box.  Order BlackBox

  1. soothing facial wash
  2. anti-aging skin moisturizer
  3. hair care

 Hey buddy - I like to keep it simple too!


Celebration 12 Months of Green

It has been a wonderful year  for EYE ON GREEN Magazine. I have accomplished my goals with Green and hope to do the same for years to come. Not only did I want to share natural beauty, I also wanted  to bring the beauty of Green to you. Go to my website to see a grand list of green vendors that have partnered with EYE ON BEAUTY.  The Green Feature showcase lists is a hub for people that seeking green skincare, beauty, lifestyle and health products. Green Directory List
For Celebrating GREEN - this monthly issue will be updated through the end of the month....after all, I have 12 months of highlights to show you.  I will be celebrating green partnerships and the people that are giving a cleaner face to beauty presently and for the next generation.
Classics Never Die!
Pink has now become the honorary color for Breast Cancer Awareness. But did you know that pink is the most classic color for women to wear. A subtle pink/nude hue can do amazing things for your complexion. Pink was one of  MARILYN's Favorite color.
The CREAM is in the LIPSTICK with EYE ON BEAUTY's  "MARILYN'S MERCY"  a classic nude/pink - reveals beauty with non-sticky - no worry botanicals.
Long lasting pure color! Classic beauty! Everything a gal wants and so much  more....
Shop "Marilyn's Mercy"  under Lip Creme's see color at the shop and get it w/free gifts! Order Marilyn's "Mercy" or her signature Red Matte "Main Squeeze" 
Go here and get it!  EYE ON BEAUTY online Shop

Aussie Friends - Cellande Skincare

Company Name: Eye On Beauty QLD
Introducing: Relief Plus Products
Founder/CEO Les Johnson
Address: Ultra Health Therapies 34 High Street, 3rd Floor, Southport, 4215 Queensland, Australia
Phone: 61 75571 0001
Website: www.reliefplusproducts.com
Email: eyeonbeautygc@gmail.com
How long are you in the GREEN Business? 10 years
What is your GREEN product or Service?
Natural skin care products that you see instant results from and that are hydrating on the skin.
New Products in the future? Body products
Company Vision:
To have our product launched overseas.
  You will not find any product that works as good as this line.
This is Australian made and sourced product made by hand, on the Gold Coast of Queensland
Business Advice: To be honest and believe in the product that you sell and it does what you claim it to do. Contact Person: Lynda Hundt
A word from Lynda Hundt:
I have been a aesthetician for 9 years and have worked with different skin care lines.
Cellande skin care are by far the best line I have come across, as it does what it claims to do. 5 of my clients in their late 50's tried this line they each got off the table and said WOW, they saw a difference in their skin after one treatment.

Eye on Beauty - I really enjoyed browsing through the Cellande Skincare Shop Cellande for Men
Guys, please take a peek at the Hydrating Gel to sooth and calm irritated skin. Loaded with antioxidants such as CoQ10 is a skincare life saver! Sports Massage Cream...Put it on the top of his list for the holidays! See Cellande Skincare collection - It is dynamite! Key word:  Biotechnology! http://www.reliefplusproducts.com/skincare Enjoy this website....fantastic prices! A trip to Australia spa is at your finger tips! Terry Ruvo /CEO


New Green POP Beauty

Eyes! '80's Warhol

"Surf" Bold Effects

"FABLE" Bold Effects

"Passion Fruit"

POP goes the eyes! Andy Warhol's pop art has hit the runways EYE ON BEAUTYs has the 80's HOT list hitting the Top of the Charts....take Debbie for example....an 80's Pop icon has reemerge in the cosmetic department or should I say " art" department. Although, pigments are not face paints, colors below add a powerful punch to beauty! Wear these hi-res hues prudently or rewind back to 80's with Debbie! Blondie is her name these colors stay hot on the runway for 2012 - 2013 palettes

Make your own "Pop List" with EYE ON BEAUTY!

Buy colors separately for 6.75 each for 3 for 18.00

Daring color for a women that knows what she wants! and the world shall wait for what she does next!

order your palette today go to POP Eye on Beauty!....so much more POP for You! The difference with EYE ON BEAUTY? WE are Naturally Pure Pigment Pretty!

Shop Here: Pop! Shop EYE On BEAUTY


Wicked Business - Who Can You Trust?

Business can be wicked at times.  The tales of becoming a millionaire overnight is a "million two one shot."  Hey let's not be discouraged...it can happen.... Let's just put the realities in perspective.  Here are some things to consider or not...when making your next deal:
1.  If it looks too good to be true, than it  most likely it is...
2. Don't get caught up in the "retire tomorrow deals"  - catch the hidden agenda by reading the fine print!
3.  Likes on your FB page are not sales 4 your business

I am not long winded when it comes to writting so I will just get to the point.
My #1  is most important...go with your GUT Business instinct! Turn down deals that seem shifty! Keep your money in your pocket!  #2  any ad that starts out with This is your final offer   -  I made 6 digits in 3 daysGet More Money Now!
 skip over the BS immediately...
Number 3  is the  most wicked one of  them all...because I  fell victim to it!  More likes on your FACEBOOK page does not give you sales....actually, it creates so much aniexty and hostility toward  people that don't return the favor of a "like"  My advice, forget it .....there are better ways to get quality hits that WILL benefit business long term.

How do you get passed the wicked witch of business? Why not be "Glenda" and go green.   Not only with product....with your social network and your business ethics and lifestyle.

I know we are not in Kansas anymore....if we were, I would have sold my "ruby slippers" and be the next millionaire years ago..
 That is not reality....

Who do you trust?   Take me for example. EYE On BEAUTY was born in  2008.  Launched EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE since 2010.   I am still very green to the publishing industry, but  I am a seasoned professional in natural beauty and pure business ethics.   Like Glenda,  I want to do kind business with people.   Patience in business is a virtue, so are business ethics and quality.  I know the mistakes the  people make and I can tell you how to avoid  them.  I know what works....and what does NOT  work.


EYE ON GREEN  is becoming a highly recommended vehicle to market green and naturals in the beauty business. It is like no-other publication out there.  CEO is hands-on with her followers and is continuing reviewing ways on  how small business can see "green" in there bottom line.

See marketing strategy and Eco-packages below.

I have openings for Oct "Green feature Review"  read below. Hope to see you in Oct's Anniversary edition of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE!
Package A: EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE -  a 10.00 donation that announces your site and what you do in the Green industry.  go here to donate: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info and choose "green feature donation" link in your cart (fill out questions at the bottom and return) Your link is posted on EYE ON BEAUTY web shop in the Green Vendor Directory.  ( 1 Month of Service)  Heavy Marketing on LinkedIn
Or....why not try a natural cosmetic....purchase a "green"  T-Shirt  this will get you preview as well and benefit your beauty.
Package B:  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE Banner ad marketing.
A banner ad for your company can be posted to the EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE blogspot. I get heavy traffic to this site...usually 100 + hits a day... These are quality hits!  not just "clicks." Your Company Banner will be posted there for 3 months.  And will be visible to all visitors that come to see EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE updates...I am #1 on Google, Blogger, Bing, Yahoo
other details that you get:
A preview of your website (as stated above)
A link to my website ( eye on beauty) Green vendors List (4 ever listing)
A supplemental routine marketing on linkedIn, and Paper.il
(which is called a Back-Link) very valuable and free!
Need references?  available upon request.
I have 3 papers on paper.il  which you will get supple commentary marketing of your site which will add more to your visibility.
This is a 3 month Eco-Green-up  package.  $120.00  (for 3 months of service)

email me to receive more info:  terry@eyeonbeauty.info

"I totally understand the green business owner. We are like farmers,  pioneering into fields unknown.   We are not rich people, we are all trying to make a difference, with very little means."  Terry Ruvo CEO/Publisher

** Things for you to do: Follow EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE here http://www.terryseyeongreenmag.blogspot.com (follow by email)

This issue will foucs on Beauty and the Backlink!  I have a love for beauty and for technology on how to grow green business.

Green tips for money making, Green Tips for Beauty and Green Tips Technology Making!  Anniversary Green is the way to go!

Just one question - are you here?
Honey, we are not in Kansas anymore....write me: terry@eyeonbeauty.info

 Healthy Weight - No Shame!

 I couple of days ago Lady GaGa said she had gained 25 pounds, and she is NOT upset about it.  Good for you girl! I am 20 years her senior and  fortunately , in our youth we can put on a healthy weight gain and then easily take it off.  For those of us that are in our late 40's it's not that easy.   My senior years have giving me  knowledge and  betters ways to loose and maintain my  weight.   I do this with a slim-shake that I substitute for one meal.   I try my best to eat  up to 80%  of  "Fullness."  Being "FULL"  is my  new "F" word.  Never too FULL to get my butt off the couch or my pants will say OUCH!   So please, do not fear your weight gain.  A slim-shake to slim-down can sweeten the deal! 

Fig-Butter Berry Slim Shake

 #1 Requested Healthy Diet Plan
Vanilla Fig-Butter Berry Slim Shake

Don't let the BUTTER fool you!
Satisfaction on your lips no-show on your hips!
Mom, Dad, the whole family can slim down on this simple and tasty low-fat shake!


1 cup Organic Rice Milk or Almond Milk
1/2 Organic low-fat or fat-free vanilla yogurt
Fig-butter spread Tsp
Hand full of Mixed Berries
1/2 cup of ice cubes

In a blender combine 1 cup of Rice Milk, 1 cup of Vanilla Yogurt and 1 table spoon of fig-butter spread and 1/2 cup of ice cubes.
blend well. 1/4 cup of Mixed Berries or fruit of your choice. Fill up your 8.oz glass.  This refreshing low-cal drink is filling and tasty. Excellent breakfast drink. I don't usually count calories. About 350 cals. Fewer calories - minus the yogurt calories go down to 250

 My Little Black Hot List!

My favorite  product that I use to decrease under-eye puffiness is "little Secret Weapon."  The finest indigence and shows visible differences around the delicate eye area.

Little Secret Weapon Order BlackBox


This incredible serum is designed to instantly tighten the delicate skin tissue under the eye, while reducing & removing puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. LSW has an very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, microalgae, 6 different wrinkle-reducing Peptides, Hexapeptides, & Dipeptides. These extremely effective amino acid based compounds have a fast absorption rate and the effects are often compared to botox, because they cause the skin to relax... safely and naturally. For long-term benefits, LSW is loaded with collagen building aminos, vitamins, & other age-defying compounds. There isn't another under-eye product available anywhere that is so powerful. LSW is organically preserved.
MSRP $41.25 Retail
Web Price $32.95 Dist price
Turn Key Opportunity as a BlackBox Salon Consultant: 
Buy the Salon Kit for $149.00 ,  get Your Own Website, and distributor pricing! Best part - work with "Me and my Team" Go BlackBox! Contact Terry Ruvo 201-895-6571Get on BlackBox! Salons newest cutting edge products! Get the BlackBox Edge!  
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Fall Into French Spa!

Lotion Glow Your Body! 

2 New Products form Lotion Glow Body Candles

1.  New Creek-side Fire, Handmade by Lotion glow, All Soy Organic Lotion Body Candle
A Top note of Cinnamon,with a soft splash of Vanilla, with a soft woodsy scent.

2. French Vannelle' a soft scent of French Vanilla, with a splash of Cocanut...Ssssaaahhh, the word, Island take you away.

Get your seasonal  favorites and early Holiday Gifts!
 See u Buy the "Creek-side" Fire!"   my #1 Pic!  Enjoy your Glow everyone!


Parabens, Sulfates,Toxins...OH MY!

How 2 Question Beauty - 
Here are some skincare hazards that a client needs to be aware of.  We a customer sees me, they get the "whole truth" about the retail skincare market.  
Beware of fine print, and Big unpronounceable  words.
Laurel Sulfate/Trideceth Sulfate.  Any word that ends in "sulfate" should  raise suspicions.   
 PEG-30 PEG 120 - MethylGlucose - popular skincare indigence used to dissolve oil and grease...but did you know that you can find MethlGlucose in Oven cleaners...avoid it!
Methylparaben, Propylparaben: Parabens are preservatives used to extend shelf life. They mimic the effects of estrogen and cause long term help problems. they are found in many popular brands of skin creams and topical body butters, and of course facial skin and  body care products.  Studies have been released showing cancer-causing effects.
 Diethanolamine/Triethanolamine - are foaming agents used in cleanser. you can even find them in radiator fluids. They are toxic to cardiovascular system, lungs and digestive tract.

The "green" vendors as seen in the monthly brochure, EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE, are not big on costly ad campaigns for image, but are far more interested in images that they send to their customers.  The beauty in their image comes from quality and not  quantity of manufactured beauty  - Retail (brands) have only $$$ in their purse, non-existent consumer safety and questionable quality and standard levels.
 Eye on Beauty is the only online Boutique for all consumers that want non-toxic beauty. EYE on Beauty's products are "Paraben free" cosmetics that provides a central location of green/natural/organic directory of perfumers, natural body care makers, skincare specialists and formulators, only using the best ingredients that they can give to beauty buyers. Eye on Beauty is the only online source for safe cosmetic purchasing and advice. see on 
Eye on Green Magazine, Eye on beauty Tips for more information on beauty with quality and safety in mind. 

 "All beauty should come from the earth the way God intended." ~ tr