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Friday, September 13, 2013

Give Cancer the BRAKES

I read some interesting information published from JOHN HOPKINS HOSPITAL on ways to stop cancer in it's tracks.   Since my dad has since passed from cancer only 2 months ago,  I have been heavily on Cancer's Trail on how to" put the brake"s on this dreadful  disease.

FYI - everyone has cancer cells in their body.  Although cancer cells do not show up in standardized blood test - only  until the cells  have multiplied to a  "few billion."
 When a person's a immune system is strong,  cancer cells can be destroyed and prevented to multiplying and forming tumors.  One can safely say that when a person has cancer, they have  multiple  nutritional deficiencies.  These can be genetic, environmental or  attributed to lifestyle.   The first step to beat cancer is to stop it -  before it happens.   Here is some unbelievable information that I have read, as I said recently published from JHH.

STARVE  CANCER CELLS  by NOT  feeding it foods it needs to multiply.

1.  DUMP SUGAR & SUGAR substitutes.  ( we all know why, so discharge the sugar-high already!)
2. UNLOAD MILK  -  MILK makes mucous, Cancer Feeds on Mucous, but if you buy high-quality organic milk, NON-FAT %1  this should eradicate the problem of mucous forming in the intestines.   I use ALMOND MILK in my smoothies...try it - LOVE it...you can use it in cereal.

3. CUT-OFF the ACIDIC environment.  Cancer LOVES acid.   High proceed meats,  beef and pork.  Limit chicken.  Farmers are worried about profit - chicks, Cows,  livestock are given hormones, antibiotics  that are very harmful to people with cancer and to people WITHOUT cancer.  BUY organic eat 1 a week.  FISH is a better choice and beans for protein.

4.  ALKALINE all eternal environments - A well diet should be 80%  Vegs and fruit whole grains, nuts, seeds. The BODY needs live enzymes to build healthy cells, you can only get this by eating healthy live food to alkaline your environment.  Avoid Caffeinated drinks,  Substitute with GREEN TEA!

5. Drink Purified  water or filtered.  Avoid Distilled water..it is acidic - avoid it.

 Boy - I thought I knew everything.... Not until I got these up to date reports....Thank you  JOHN HOPKINS stay well!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Perfume and Pamper

EYE on GREEN Magazine: Perfume and Pamper:  3 Reasons to use Natural perfume oils. EYE ON BEAUTY - Natural Man and Body perfumes CRAVE  4 Men Using natural oils to pamper is the ...

The new VOICE of Fragrance

 3 Reasons to use Natural perfume oils.
Using natural oils to pamper is the holistic way to relieve  aliments.   Camomile, lavender,  rose oil are wonderful for body massage.   Eucalyptus is used as a muscle rub for   aches and pains.  Spearmint  can calm a headache,  Jasmine oil can set-up a night of passion.   Perfume oils when used as aphrodisiac are becoming widely used by men and women.  Since they are natural oils, there are usually no allergens that will disrupt body chemistry.   Perfume oils can last on a body for many hours.  This is the number one reason why fragrance lover's use them.   Musk smells like fresh damp skin.  Roll around in your bed sheets, musk will last until morning.  Sandalwood is another favorite mind and body exotic oil.  These oils have been used for centuries, by the orient and the mid-east.   Most mainstream perfumes are mostly alcohol and a small amount of synthetic oil is used for "fragrance."   Alcohol makes any perfume evaporate quickly.   Over the counter perfumes prices are structured by the amount of essential oil that is derived to make the fragrance.   The customer is paying full price for  packaging of  a  perfume that delivers mostly a  synthetic scent with small amounts of essential oil. 
Choosing a Perfume oil to purchase is a far better choice.   Legendary  in use,  essential oil perfumes are becoming a new way  to make a lasting impression and a healthy holistic add-on to today's busy lifestyle.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Eye Plums

Plums are beautiful for blue eyes.  Actually  they work for all color eyes, depending on the color of  your  iris.  Green eyes use dark earthy plums.  Purple plums look best on Brown eyes.  Blue eyes can adopt a  hazy blue/purple,  plum gray hues.

Plums can be used as an "all year color"  Check out these purple gems.  All shades can be used wet/dry,  paraben and cruelty free! Any purchase comes with a free gift! SHOP LINK     EYE ON BEAUTY - wear your beauty naturally!
ROCK STAR Purple blue gray shimmer
MINGLE  Midnight Purple Matte

FLIRT  purple/pink Matte
EVER AFTER Heather Purple  Cream