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Monday, May 27, 2013

The RIght Whey to loose Wgt.

I have been doing Whey Protein shakes for 6 weeks, and I found it to be significantly helpful to shed extra pounds.   As we age, our bodies metabolism slows down.  If you are deficient in protein, this is just another way for the body to "Crave" food with empty calories.  In my life, I dare not to eat meat.  If I do I eat meat as a treat.  Poultry on the other hand, I eat in small amounts.  I buy organic chicken since it is the "only" protein I will consume.  Fish is an awesome alternative, but I worry about mercury.   I keep fish to about 1 or 2x a week.  :I  pack on my fruits and vegetables in my diet.   Like anything else,  if my fruits and an veggies are not in sync, I wind up gaining wgt due to the overload of sugared geared fruits.  Okay so, now what do I do?  I decided to give WHEY protein a try.   But to do this, I new I was going to have to cut all of my sugars out. My morning cookie and coffee would have to be a thing of the past in order to loose weight the right way.

My first night of detox was unbelievable....that little cookie and chocolate that gave me my  energy boost was weighing me down.  I actually,  thought I "needed" the cookie, then I realized I was addicted to sugar.  I  woke up the next day refreshed and with more energy.  No sugar needed in my daily  routine anymore.

The next day, I started the "drink"  Whey protein shake that is...I was hoping that I could substitute 1 shake per meal and pray that I can stay full  for a  reasonable meal.

My Shake Story is a recipe that really helped  me brake-through the hunger and gave my body the needed  protein that it was lacking.  I do this shake 1 once a day and I have managed to loose the belly-fat.

The Whey protein that I use is a chocolate powder....already yummy!  Only 140 calories per scoop.  24g of protein and the kicker is.....2g of sugars.

Recipe - Whey Shake  8oz glass      SLIM ur FACE  here  Face shaping colors!

1 4oz cup of  almond milk  45 calories vanilla
1 scoop of whey protein powder chocolate 140 calories
1 4oz cup of frozen strawberries or banana  100 calories
*blend on high 1 full minute.
300 Calories

***Shake should be thick and chocolatey like "mac-Donald's  consistency....lol

If the Shake is too thick,  add some more Almond Milk or ice water and re-blend on high until you get  the ultimate "smoothie" blend.  I drink my Whey into shape by going to the gym to "pump iron!"

Now after 2 months of WHEY I am convinced this is what my body was missing. I need WHEY PROTEIN NOURISHMENT!
I lost 3 -4 pounds and I am able to keep it off....no more bloating belly-fat!

More facts on WHEY protein below -

Whey protein is:
  • A protein found in milk
  • Fast-absorbing
  • In your body for a shorter time
  • A good supplement after intense workouts
Casein protein is:
  • The main protein in milk
  • Slow-absorbing
  • In your body for a longer time
  • A good supplement for meal replacements or to take before bed