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Thursday, May 23, 2013

PR wanted not the OLD....

Lady GAGA  business model
Are you a blogger? Would you like to write about E YE ON BEAUTY?  Currently,  EYE ON BEAUTY is looking for FREE Press from an individual blogger that wants to write about us  and exchange a link back to their site.  We are NOT the  Old  "Ball &  Chain" Business model - we are new WHIPS & CHAINS battling to get our brand noticed...do you have what it takes...to promote EYE ON BEAUTY?  Lady GAGA has her business model and we got ours ....romantic - reincarnated sexy!  We invite you to get on board!

Wait....there's more.... we like to give "thanks" to the people that help us out.  You will be rewarded with a (fashion) gift from EYE ON BEAUTY plus a back-link....we  promise.. and we do what we say!

write me or send me copy on how you can best promote EYE ON BEAUTY - online shop!

WE are GREEN with LOVE and want to pass it around!

need  to inquire more?  you can write to   terry@eyeonbeauty.info

or just send me "the copy" to the above address.

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