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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Greens 4 ur Market

Get Ready for some new green on the block or in a virtual e-store.  Soon many vendors will  have e-stores as their customers deliberately buy online.   Deliberate,  seeking out and wanting  products that are organic and green.  The client is leading the way.  Here are some statistics on organic buying.   Organic non-food sales grew 9.7 percent in 2010, to reach $1.97 billion.  Source: Organic Trade Association’s 2011 Organic Industry Survey http://www.ota.com/organic/mt/business.html
That's some nice growth for organics in the non-food market. Since,  these are the stats for non-food sales, I am assuming these could be stats for other organic buying such as clothes, cosmetics, and other services.  As you can see...Clients are investing and " putting their money where their mouth is"...physically and literally buying organics is a fast growing industry.
 "I'll drink to that, if it's green!"   Terry Ruvo/Ceo Publisher

Cleaning your Duds - Suds Free!

Not Your Ordinary Washer  

Founder/CEO   Joe Urso
5420 Lbj Freeway # 1010 
Dallas, TX 75240-9601
Phone: 512-736-7734
Contact: Bryan Jones (Independent Distributor)

 How long are you in the GREEN Business? 2009
What is your GREEN product or Service? Living Water ,fresh air ,laundry pure and nutracueticals
Company Vision:  A life of healthy living, financial independence and the freedom to live life on your terms
 Motto:  We are what we ABSORB! Air, water and nutrients are all vital to our health and what we absorb is the key to good health Or Business advice:
 EYE ON BEAUTY Reviews:  I first met Bryan on twitter...I was amazed to learn about Nutraceuticals Laundry Sud Free Eco-friendly product (s).  As we know, Laundry detergent that is purchased from retail grocery stores is highly toxic. It is bad for the environment and dangerous for humans as well.  I am very sensitive to laundry detergents (soaps) . At times I even get allergic reactions... very itchy skin.  To avoid this, it is wise that I use brands with no perfumes and ultimately "clean".  Consumers should consider buy Nutraceuticles for green shopping.  LaundryPure (Standard Washers)
Product # 9970007 We turned to nature to come up with a better way to do laundry. LaundryPure is better for your laundry, better for your family and better for the environment...and it will help you save money too!  http://www.myvollara.com/darkesteye
Ask Bryan for his help, connect with him and follow on twitter and his website.

 Choosing GREEN 4 Your Market Makes Dollars

I have been requested to write a brief article on how to benefit buying and choosing a skincare line, via the small business owner.   Since the industry is saturated with skincare products/cosmetics and people claiming to have the  next "fountain" of Youth, do not be fooled!  If you are thinking about investing money into a "product" my first recommendation  would be to:  MAKE  SURE it is a GREEN/organic product and service.  Their are many people that will  push products that do not contain the quality that is promised.  How do I know this...
I look at labels...it's simple.  Go to Marla Gates info on  reading labels Gates 4 Green livings Big Market dollars are only made when you have a product that can be preserved with chemicals and  packaged on conveyer belts.  Organics  and green products are not made this way and are not distributed to the general public in the same fashion. Organics are hand packed and are not produced in large quantities.  They can not be bought at  your local drug store.  They are  pack in air tight and dark glass bottles.  A shelf life on true organics is 6 months...can be extended by  refrigeration.   True organics, green vendors can be seen only in EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE.    See the Directory of Green List vendors here:  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info and see the right side of this blog for the "right" products to buy.  Next recommendation is to GET Listed!  It's simple!  Eye on Beauty - Green List Directory (tab)   write me to get more: terry@eyeonbeauty.info


A Word Form The BOX     Terry Ruvo for BlackBox Cosmetics

It's in the SEAWEED!

 I am so delighted to offer the SEA-Mask by BlackBox.  Let me tell you all,,,I am not a lover of facial masks...this however, is a product that I am calling my favorite.  Undeniable the best mask I have ever tried!  I am loving it...it must be the Sea algae or something green hidden inside.  Just try it ..you will see what I mean.  I love the water, and everything all natural and green....I am not a mermaid, but if the maids  use the SEA-MASK....I am sure this is why their fins stay soo soft!  Priced better than  the rest, and works incredible! Guys will love it too - do a double spa day with him!  Worth the cost of 18.95...get your tail on the best!
BlackBox Sea Mask

Dramatically tighten facial skin and reduce pore size, immediately! Sea-Mask is our latest addition to the BlackBox Cosmetics' Restoration product line. Like all of our products, it is the most advanced facial product in its category. It contains three(3) forms of special sea algae harvested from pristine waters. These algaes are known for their ability to remove and eliminate toxins and bacteria. Sea-Mask contains super fruits, vitamins, aloe, the finest calcium-bentonite clay, and other special compounds. This wonderful combination will not only tighten, but leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. The effects last for days, so it is a wonderful way to give yourself a mini face lift. Unlike many face masques that are difficult to remove, Sea-Mask was developed for easy removal. Your skin will absolutely love this product!
MSRP: $23.95
Web Price: $18.95
go here :  BlackBox Sea Mask


Smooth Talk VZ Hair & Glamour UK

Company Name: VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd
Founder & Contact Vee Koppelman
3 Aranmor Kingston Hill
Kingston Upon Thames
Surrey KT2 7LY

How long are you in the Green Industry: 5 Months
What are Your Green Products:  Hairvolux,  Semi-permanent Lash coat  Mascara,  Teeth Whitening Pen
New Products:  Harivolux  for Blonde curly hair

The Beginning
Vee Koppelman, the founder of VZ Hair and Glamour, had just returned to the UK after working several years abroad, shortly after her return she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she noticed, she was not alone, so many other women and men have survived cancer.  As she started to feel better  she wanted to look great again, but only in a healthy way without the use of any harmful chemicals which are still found in many mainstream hair and beauty products.
Vee starter her own company 5 months ago to sell and promote safe and affordable hair and beauty products, that are free from harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Aldehyde and Parabens.  The core values for VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd are:  Safe Products, Highest Quality, Affordability and delivered to clients with the highest degree of Customer Service. The feedback we receive from our hair and beauty salon is fantastic, everyone is blown away by the quality of the products and proves that chemicals are not required to have fantastic results. www.vzhairandglamour.com
While Relaxers and other Brazilian blow dry treatments are still packed with harmful chemicals. Bio hairvolux is safe, affordable and was tested and approved in the UK!
Bio hairvolux facts:  (See Video below)
  • It contains no harmful chemicals – is 100% free of Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and is safe to be used on pregnant women and children over the age of 5
  • Tested and certified in the UK
  • Bio hairvolux makes even curly Afro-Caribbean hair straighter, softer and more manageable
  • Our Kit contains enough solution for up to 10 treatments
  • It’s a quick 3 Step Process
  • Hair can be washed the same day
  • Treatments last up to 3 months   
Motto: Z Hair and Glamour Ltd - we love to make you look and feel beautiful!

Bio hairvolux infuses natural keratin deep into the hair cuticle to eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl and leaves hair smooth, shiny and more manageable. Bio hairvolux encases the hair follicle with a keratinous bond, blocking the effects of humidity and protecting the hair from environmental toxins. The treatment is suitable for all hair types, including chemically processed or colour - treated and Afro hair. Bio hairvolux is a Brazilian blow dry straightening treatment to straighten and improve the manageability of various hair types such as naturally curly, frizzy, dehydrated, dry damaged  hair including and Afro hair.

New Product: NaturelEyes, A natural instant non-surgical solution to wrinkles
VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd have just launched NaturelEyes in Europe.  NaturelEyes also works to prevent fine lines from reoccurring over time by promoting blood circulation, moisturizing and rejuvenating collagen cells.
 Try out our 25 Day Home Trial pack -  for just £39.
More information will be available on our website, please find the link to the press release of our co-operation with NaturelEyes and their commitment to support the US National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Show me your lashes!
Adele Sutton's Professional SPL (Semi Permanent Lashcoat) Mascara

Beautiful eyes is most often mentioned as a sign of beauty. Beautiful eye lashes help to accentuate your beautiful eyes. Now you can use safe Eyelash Extensions without the use of False Eyelashes and which lasts 3-4 weeks with No damage to your own lashes. And requires no maintenance!
Our New Safe, Healthy Professional Semi Permanent Lashcoat is going to change the way we all treat our eyelashes.   Instant longer, safer, fuller, sexier lashes in less than 30 minutes!  No fear of losing eyelashes anymore.  The treatment coats the eyelashes to strengthen and condition them with NO damage.  Contain no harmful chemicals. Does not smudge, smear, run, flake or clump, swimming and fitness is no longer a problem!  Product lasts 3 to 4 weeks.  Suitable for allergy sufferers. Swimmers and sportswomen will benefit from completely natural waterproof eyelashes.
The only Semi Permanent Mascara with FDA approved ingredients:
  •  No Formaldehyde or dyes
  •  Correct black carbon
  •  Dries instantly - pre mixed
  •  No fibers causing clumps
  •  No metals or carcinogens
  •  No Parabens
1 Starter Kit = 120 treatments for £199 giving our Beauty Therapists and Eyelash Technicians a healthy margin!  Please contact us today and start growing your business.

Whitening Lightning - ZERO White Whitening Pen
  •  ZERO Peroxide
  •  ZERO Sensitivity – no Pain
  •  ZERO Mess - throw your strips and trays away!
  •  ZERO Nasty Taste
  •  Works while you sleep
  •  Lighten your teeth up to 4-7 shades in 14 days.
  •  All natural botanical ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  •  Contains 15 full mouth treatments
  •  Safe for caps, crowns, and veneers
You can offer your customers a fantastic retail product that works, is safe, natural and offers a great margin for your business to generate additional revenue.  Whitening Lightning - ZERO White Whitening Pen is on sale for just £39. 
EYE on Beauty - I was amazed at the green products that VZ Hair offers.  My dream is that  Vee's hair & lash line are offered in the states.  Veronica is an amazing woman!  Her products  match her passion for  providing women with chemical -free products.  All of the VZ Hair and lash products are safe and effective.   Bravo Veronica!  I look forward to your line-up of gorgeous haircare lux items.  I  recommend visiting Vee at her site! Don't miss out  Terry Ruvo/ CEO click here: www.vzhairandglamour.com

 Be Joyful, Be Natural

Company Name: Joyful Natural Beauty Essentials
Founder/CEO: T. Michele Crowell
Address: Charlotte, NC
Phone: 704 - 8JOYFUL

Contact PersonWendy Livingstone, Regional Leader
 Phone - 757-879-9708
 How long are  you in the GREEN Business? I've in business for 8 months.
Exotic Sandalwood 4 him
 What is your GREEN product or Service? Natural and organic bath products (shea butter, foaming sugar scrubs, hand crafted soaps, body washes, calendula balms, dead sea bath crystals, etc.)
 New Products in the future?  I'm always developing new products based on what my customers needs are.
 Company Vision: The vision of Joyful Natural Beauty Essentials is to give you all natural products that promote healthy body, mind and spirit. We are committed to offer specialized, non-commodity hand crafted products. All packaging used for our products are recyclable.
 Motto: Bring a little joy into your life!   EYE On Beauty - I  had the Joy of speaking with Michele on the phone.  I have never  viewed organics with such beautiful diversity  and affordability.    " Joyful Natural Body  Butters are priced at $7.00...OMG - A  must try line of  delish organics!  Try them all and obsess!  - give a gift to a friend, buy a muscle rub for your man, give the joy to yourself!  Go here to Joyful Natural  www.joyfulnatural.com and buy, buy, buy!     Terry Ruvo/CEO

FYI  - NYR  over 200 & Counting!

Company Name:  NYR Organic, the US division of Neal's Yard Remedies, based in London.
 Founder/CEO  Peter Kindersley
 Address: Boston, Massachusetts
Phone:  757.879.9708  Regional Leader: Wendy Livingstone

NYR  Sunscreen
 How long are you in the GREEN Business?   6 years ago when I was first made aware of the ingredients in the products that I was using.  I became a Consultant with NYR Organic in June of 2011, shortly after they launched in the United States.  I have learned so much in the past year about certified organic ingredients, essential oils and their uses, and sustainable, green initiatives.  I love that all of our products are certified organic by the Soil Association, made by hand in small batches in our eco-factory in Dorset, England (which I have visited) and that we support sustainable, organic harvesting under fair trading conditions!

 What is your GREEN product or Service? We have over 200 products that are ALL green!  Here we are focusing on just a few of our categories...  Aromatherapy, Salves and Home Fragrance.  Our essential oils are 100% pure, wild-crafted and organically grown.  We also have the wonderful Remedies To Roll, pocket-sized aromatherapy for people on the go in Energy, Study, Night Time, Relaxation and Travel. 
Our Home Fragrance Collection contains candles (organic beeswax with essential oils), Aromatherapy Room Sprays and Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers.  
We feature 2 amazing salves...  Arnica and Eucalyptus.  Arnica is an invigorating and warming salve that helps treat sore, aching muscles from arthritis to over-exertion.  

New Products in the future? We are launching our new products at our *conference in August... certified organic foundations.
Company Vision: Neal's Yard Remedies started 30 years ago in London, England.  Since day one we've had a passion for transforming people's lives and supporting the environment, by encouraging a more natural and holistic way of life.  We've stayed true to our founding principles of researching, developing, and making our products ourselves, wherever possible, at our eco-factory in Dorset, England.  

Business advice:  People first.  I strive to make every interaction a positive one.  I believe knowledge is powerful and small changes made over time can bring about real change.   EYE on Beauty - "I am very new to NYR Organics.  It looks like NYR has a little bit of organics for consumers as well as the Organic Green Business Owner.  I will be watching the Launch of NYR Organic Foundations with the rest of the Organic World...Green people are growing, and  NYR is in the race!  Be on the watch for great green from  this company."   www.us.nyrorganic.com/shop/wendy    Terry Ruvo/CEO

My Organic Tan!

My Tan Organic xox
I am getting my official healthy, Organic Tan for Free . I love this product!  TanOrganic is on my website. Tan-Organic Offer I would not recommend any products if they weren't trusted. A wonderful product that is for you face, down to your toes! They have many accreditation and are USDA organic. Finally, a tanning product free and clear of preservatives.  Buy OilArganic and get a Tan for Free.  Click on the link below, select in your shopping cart and to extend your tan benefits..sign up as an affiliate, and guess what, the affiliate program is also free.
A unique cocktail of 8 Plant Oils with a subtle fragrance of roses for velvety smooth skin, silky hair, healthy nails and an improved overall appearance of stretch marks and scars. Tan-organic Offer

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and if we care about what we eat, we really should care about what we apply onto our skin. The average woman directly applies more than 200 synthetic ingredients to her skin via personal care products each day with the skin soaking around 2kg of synthetic ingredients a year. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the combined and cumulative effect of these synthetic ingredients and more and more are making a lifestyle choice to choose organic and natural products.
Consumers are turning to natural organic products as they become more aware of the possible dangers of synthetic ingredients in cosmetics.
A study by The Herb Research Foundation (USA) found that up to 60 percent of substance applied to our skin is absorbed and goes into our bloodstream. 

  • An anti-ageing treatment while you Tan
  • No synthetic colors, no synthetic preservatives and no parabens
  • Certified Organic Aloe Vera
  • Certified Organic DHA
  • 100% Natural
  • Vitamin B-5
  • Tan-organic Offer

    My official review is in:     "TanOrganic is everything and more in a Tan.  In 24 Hours my skin had a gorgeous, sexy golden glow.  The formula can be used on face and body.  No smell - what a golden joy!  Plus, I  received  Organic Argan Oil!  FREE!   TanOrganic Ships from Ireland, a little pricy with shipping.. worth every penny of my Organic Dollar!   A winner of a tan! Buy the Best! It's your turn for a perfect organic tan! Tan-organic Offer
    Eye on Beauty  -  Terry Ruvo/CEO

You Are Golden in a Child's Eye

Vintage Ring


Feed  a child by purchasing a gift for yourself.  Vintage rings, jewelry all from the Golden period of time.  Gold never goes out of style.  May your heart be golden.  Blessings,  Terry Ruvo/CEO  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE  
Do your gift shopping here:

Golden Days Gone By

Child's Tee  5.50 each


Children's Smart Tee's
Recycled Tye-Dye
xs,s  Ladies/Mens L/S
see more:

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