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Monday, September 1, 2014

How 2 Shed the last 5 lbs!

It's August. Summer is finally coming to a close. You had fun, you drank , you ate, and indulged in one too many BQ's.  Stepping on the scale is depressing.  More depressing than thinking about chilly weather - perhaps, is noticing that your clothes don't fit??  OMG!! What happened!!   Let's not get crazy just yet! We've all been there. It is so hard to loose the last 5 lbs.  Here are quick tips on loosing the lazy summer wait gain and how to motivate your rear end.

1. Kids are back to school. Translates to more "take care of me" time.
2. Rise and shine - go to bed on time. A well rested girl is a less hungry girl. Seriously, it is a true fact.
3. Push yourself at the gym. Change up your routine. Now is the time. Have a goal.  Try to walk or run 1 mile in 15 minutes. If you are just starting out - run for 1 minute - change to brisk walk for 1 minute. Walk - run - walk - run repeat for 10 minutes.
4. Eat!! Of course you know you have to eat to keep your metabolism working.  Here's a tip.  Add organic peanut butter and celery for a snack.  Have 1 egg for breakfast. No toast please. Unless it is organic multigrain - 1 slice. Have lean protein for lunch. Have a very light dinner. No carbohydrates. Although you can have 1 cup of whole grain pasta ( organic) with diced olives, diced tomatoes and zucchini!  Simmer in olive oil and garlic for 5 minutes. Very satisfying and low in calories.
By the of the week, I bet you will loss at least 1 to 2 pounds.  Still not motivated.... In about 2 weeks your body will be ready to loose the last 3 or more.  You see, your body has a new goal: to stay fit and to burn more fat.  Look in the mirror those saddle bags are melting away.

Here is what NOT TO DO -

1. Eating too much gluten free can pack on the pounds. Hey, did you know a gluten-free diet can actually make you gain wtg. "A processed carb. Is a processed carb anyway you slice it!" Usually these items are packed with preservatives and sugar to make them taste good.  Stay away from them. Pick on a hand-full of nuts such as almonds, fat free yogurt - carrots, or fruit.

2. Watch out for pesticide treated produce.  Please spend the extra bucks and by organic.  You see the pesticide residue can increase your appetite. Chemically damage our digestive enzymes and disrupt our bodies from loosing wtg.

3. Beware of Bad Juice. Not all juice is created equal. Most of them are just sugared water! Sucrose, or sugar substitutes are all sugars in another form.  My recommendation would be fresh water, with cut up cucumbers and mint.  My favorite is brewing my own ice tea. Chill over night with a twist of lemon and lime. 

Maybe the best way to loosing Weight is to eat REAL food after all!

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