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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rising UP Green

 Salon & Spa Issue Going Green & Organic- learn from the best leaders in the industry to transform your business to Green. This includes all beauty businesses.  Fasten your salon chair seat belt, sit back and dream about where your next spa experience will take your customers. If your mouth isn't watering yet, it will be by the time you settle in on EYE ON GREEN Magazine's Mid-July Fresh Green Start Special Edition.

What do you need for a Green Spa?  Here are 3 items to think about…and they are not products, they are in fact, your CIA for the Growing GREEN Salon Business.

The Beauty, the Blogger & The Biz-Relationship Maker (BRM)

The Beauty 

First, equip your spa with Beauties. Hiring stylist that have their ear to the ground on chic, and can provide savvy selling skills as well. A classy stylist is the one who does the beauty, and books the next appoint before the client heads out the door. 

Stylists Need Incentives

Give you ur stylists incentive to work with you at your salon.  Okay, I  know this is tough to keep your stylists-  but if you are educated on working with people, this should be easy to hold on to them.  Look, Listen, and help your stylist with their needs.  If you know the salon down the street is hiring new stylists at a better rate, give YOUR stylists incentive to bring you new business. Perhaps, give them 75% on any new clients they bring to your door…the “house” keeps the remainder.   Empower your indoor Beauty’s to  bring ideas  to outdoor guests. Encourage your staff to customize your store front window,  pin-up  marketing displays amd update your salon to be the “Beauty CafĂ©” in town.  Listen and let your
stylists help you!

  The Blogger 

 A good beauty blogger is becoming a sought after salon commodity.  The best part is you will NOT have to hire one.  Most likely, assessing talent and writing about beauty comes easy for most that are in the beauty business. Please use your resources that you have “in house.”  A “blogger” is a good way to keep your EYE on Beauty and Business moving on the web.  These guru bloggers can easily send out emails on specials, help with online questions, update your website, and write about industry news and manage your e-store. (see below, best items for e-salons & spas) Why hire a Store Manager? Guess what…. clients are now booking appointments and buying products online, no manager or receptionist needed! Having an onsite beauty blogger is the best choice! Get a brilliant beauty blogger. One employee for three beautiful multitasking -  gets the job done!

  Le Biz - Relationship Maker

Sounds like high-end responsibility?  It isn’t!
A Biz-Relationship Maker is a person that sniffs out biz and forms friendships.
They are the “Beauty –Bloodhounds.” They know what makes the client happy before they walk in the door.  They offer them hospitality, kindness, they also wash hair and sweep the floor, display a Service with a smile, attitude. 
Do you think that you have to hire outside to get this type indoor service?  No way, this incredible business guide is here everyday.  Relax – The Biz-Relationship Maker is YOU!  Believe it or not…your clients and staff needs you to show your beautiful face at the salon, to motivate, excite and believe in your dreams!

Please see my new powerful GREEN comrades! They can help you with all your green salon needs.  I am so excited about my new friends for July EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. They have amazing advice to offer, excellent connections and items that can ignite business for your onsite salon and raising the GREEN Salon Online E-stores.  

A Small Glimpse of Genius in A Big Green World

Introducing: Shelley Birnbaum - ReNew Botanicals Organic - Baltimore, MD

Company Name: ReNew Organic Skin Care
Products:  RENEW BOTANICALS Organic and Vegan Skin Care
Founder/CEO/Contact Person: Shelley Birnbaum
Address:  822 W. 36 Street Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 443-370-7276
 How long are you in the GREEN Business? Since 2006 (6 years)

What is your GREEN product or Service? I provide personalized facial treatments and hair removal services within an intimate, appointment-only eco-friendly studio in Baltimore, MD.  In addition all ReNew Botanical products are formulated with between 76% and 93% certified organic ingredients, sustainable harvested and fairly traded whenever possible.  No toxic or products harmful to humans, animals or the planet are every used. Products are packaged in recyclable glass.
New Products in the future? Body line including shower gels, body lotions and body butters as well as natural perfumes made with essential oils.

Company Vision:  "By encouraging the skin’s natural resources through non-invasive treatments, using products that have combined healthy organic ingredients with the latest scientific knowledge, and a healthy lifestyle, I know you can attain beautiful healthy skin that looks ageless. I believe in helping clients by equipping them with information to help themselves, and to achieve these results not only with my treatments, but with their own care at home too.”

More About Shelley -     I am a licensed esthetician practicing for over 21 years.  I opened the first eco-friendly organic spa in Baltimore in 2006 which won several awards. After closing in 2009 I opened my solo skin care practice being the first and only esthetician in Baltimore to make their own organic/vegan skincare product and customize them for their clients in a green environment. I started my journey in environmental awareness after attending the first Earth Day in New York City in 1970. After becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia in the late 70s I switched to eating organic foods. When I became an esthetician in 1991 I started studying Aromatherapy and herbology. As I learned more about ingredients used in skin care and personal care products I was appalled at what was used and that led to developing my own skin care line.
EYE ON Beauty Review:  "Shelley is an accomplished expert on educating others on developing skincare for personal and practical use.  Shelley is the “go to gal” for advice on formulating skincare and bath products.  She contributes to high-level conversations on Salons Going Green (linkedIn) and many other sites that I am connected with on the going green venue.  She has an extensive line and a beautiful hands-on website. Easy to navigate and high-level brilliance, at the hands of a beauty making, green spa awareness educator.  I encourage a visit to her site and her blog.  Shelley's contributions are making a difference in the Big World of Green Beauty.”   ~ Terry Ruvo/CEO

The Man, The Magic and Selling "VuDu"

 Introducing:  Mark Griffore – Sales Director – BlackBox Cosmetics
Company Name:    BLACKBOX Cosmetics
Address: | P.O. BOX 50362 | Sarasota | FL | 34232
Contact: Mark Griffore - Sales Director & Salon Consultant
BlackBox Cosmetics  Founder/CEO Kevin Evans
Phone: 989-884-0624
How long are you in the GREEN Business?
I have over 20 years of Salon Experience in teaching technique, using and evaluating spa products and utilizing salon staff.   I have been with BlackBox at the beginning and have since been promoted to Sales Directory in a short period of time.  I solely believe that BlackBox is the product that will change the salon industry.  There are so many products out there – when a salon makes a “choice” to bring Organics in, choose a product that will seduce both men and women.  The products that every salon and spa needs are with BlackBox Cosmetics. 
Why is your product and why is it Different?  BlackBox is considered organic. The packaging is geared to preserving the antioxidant benefits.   
New Products in the future?  VuDu Hair Care for Men & Women.  We have just introduced Revive gx and Bronzed Infusion.  The magic of BlackBox is here. 
Company Vision/ Motto: You can have anything in life, as along as you help others to pursue their dreams as well. I strongly believe in the “pay it forward” motto for building strong business relationships.
 EYE on Beauty reviews: Since, BlackBox came on the scene, I have become steadily curious about their management team, company focus and goals. I was delighted to see that the company is encouraging beauty spas and salons to go Green.  But that's not all.. BlackBox has added more green (organic) products and strategic beauty players in their cosmetic arsenal.  I believe Mark Griffore District Manager - will make BlackBox's plan explode into action. Mark has years of Salon experience thus having owned 2 salons himself. He is focused on product vs. client needs of delivering quality and results. He understands the needs of the green salon owner, and the products that will save their bottom line.  (ref EOG article) How Green Will Save Beauty's Bottom."   It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to Mark Griffore of BlackBox Cosmetics.   My readers will be hearing much more about BlackBox and their  mission of  purposeful intent for BlackBox Bursting the Salons Scene & Raising Green Products to new heights!
Visit:BLACKBOX Cosmetics  
Learn how easy it is to get VuDu  magic in your hands. For immediate results to see and start selling at your online e-store. Contact Mark or Terry at BlackBox Cosmetics  201-895-6571   Join the Eye on Beauty team with BlackBox Cosmetics  &  make real beauty happen!
write me for more info: terry@eyeonbeauty.info

The Royalty of ROME  on Prince St.  ERBE Spa  NY

Company Name  Erbe Spa
Founder/CEO Carmen Miraglia
Contact Person: Francesco Bianchi/Annie Cheong/Jim Sun 
 Address: 196 Prince St. New York -NY,10012-U.S.A./Largo Russel,6 scala B1 Rome,00137 ITALY
 Phone: 212- 966 -1445
 Website:www.erbeskincare.com or you can also become our friend on http://www.facebook.com/erbe.spa.3
 How long are you in the GREEN Business?25  years
 What is your GREEN product or Service?
All our skin care products are paraben free using natural essential oils of plants and flowers and not chemicals,our line is sold into recycle papers and the products are not tested on the animals,besides that the company vision below explains how we are different from big mass production cosmetics company
 New Products in the future? Nnatural carrot sun protector cream
Company Vision: We stand for tradition and happily occupy a niche. We are not a big industrial, mass-production cosmetics company.
 For almost 25 years we have measured our success by how different we are from the larger businesses that take the idea of beauty and corrupt it through mass marketing and aggressive cost cutting, and, ultimately, silly claims. The big companies do not know you, and, worse, do not care to know you. Rather, they employ the tactics of demographics, psycho-graphics and analytics  to reduce you to some abstract being, possessing certain needs and assets.

 On the other hand, Erbe has always been hands-on, making simple promises in the form of a highly personal and, so, meaningful message to our faithful clients. The product has always been inspired by our relationships.

 The majority of skin care lines include chemicals, which imitate the healing actions of the actual botanical extracts found in Erbe products. What we’ve found is that chemicals, however cheerily or scientifically expressed, achieve only superficial and temporary results. They offer illusions the famous hope in a bottle.
  Erbe approaches ingredients differently. Our products put you on the healing track. They interact with your skin; they work deeply because they are intended to cure actual dermatological problems. Our idea of a regime is few products, each intended to provide real and lasting benefits.
 Erbe has always been about the natural world and our relation to it. We come out of a real tradition: The Authentic Italian Beauty Tradition. We are the descendants of generations of men and women who understood the relationship between real beauty and true health and found in the Earth.
 Erbe is committed to raising the awareness of a largely ignored past. We have reclaimed the wisdom of our Italian monks, whose healing practices anticipated by centuries what we think of as modern today. They are our past, and we are their future.
 Toward that end, we reject the pathological pursuit of profit at the expense of the real. Our aims are as humble as our formulations; we want to help people enjoy lasting results from a few truly effective products rather than being caught up in a cycle of useless purchasing.

At the Erbe Salon you can experience the lost feeling of the Italian Renaissance courts, Erbes ground floor is an aromatic refuge from the shopping frenzy outside, with the timeless feel of an Eerboristeriain an authentic Roman neighborhood. Classical music, Italian antiques and an array of elegant and simply packaged products recreate the same healing beauty setting the Italian women from the Italian Renaissance were accustomed to.
 An all natural skin-care salon that has been around for almost three decades for good reasons!
 Our Herbal facials are deep but gentle.
 A warm and serene setting is waiting for you at Erbe Spa where your skin will be treated with our aroma-Phytotherapy Brand specialized in active principles of organic botanical blends.
 Produced in Italy, our natural and paraben free product line is conceived and formulated to promote healing and to enhance beauty according the authentic Italian beauty culture dated back the glorious history period of the Italian Renaissance.

 Our spa: All Erbe facials are designed to provide long lasting care for the skin, to balance, heal and purify, providing nutrients and emollients essential for the maintenance of beautiful and glowing younger skin.
For Bookings call us at 212-966-1445 and ask the experts:
They will gladly come up with the best solution for your beauty inquiries, suggesting you what type of treatments offered at the Erbe spa better tackle your actual dermatological problem.

EYE on Beauty Review:  If you are planning a trip to NYC, arrange a Spa Day at Erbe. I am already in Love with Erbe.  With thoughts of seeing and feeling the difference of fine Italian beauty traditions already has me seduced!  You must get UP CLOSE and Personal with Erbe, they are a full-service salon.  "Fill your heart with Erbe to the brim in  mind & body.  Learn lessons from  the greatest herbalist and spa leaders at Erbe Spa   Verde de Amore!"  ~Terry Ruvo CEO
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/erbe.spa.3

If the Glove Fits, Wear it!

Developed to exceed Customers Expectations,  at a price to impress and  fit the needs of salon clientle & Green Spas all Over

sssh - It's Silk Virgin - don't keep it a secret!  It's Free to become and EYE ON GREEN Affiliate - see link
Silk Virgin

The skin is the biggest and most important organ in your body, serving many functions, one of which is excretion of toxic substances. Keeping your skin clean will improve its function and appearance. Is the regular, every day cleaning of your skin with soap and water enough? Research shows that, in addition to every day cleansing it is very important to exfoliate.
What is exfoliation of the skin? This is a process of removing of the dead skin and impurities from the pores, also called deep cleansing of the skin.
Exfoliating of your face and body regularly, at least once a week is very important. Exfoliated skin breaths better, functions better and looks better. After the exfoliation your skin becomes more easily penetrated, the skin products you use more effective.

Another important question is, what kind of exfoliating product should you use? You need an exfoliating product that provides total exfoliating results and it is natural. Finding that product could be a challenge.
Most of the exfoliating products on the market provide only abrasive action and are not really exfoliating the skin. Some of them even claim to be all natural. Is it possible an exfoliating cream or scrub to be all natural?Of course no. More or less they all contain chemicals and preservatives.
Usually it is better to exfoliate with exfoliating glove or mitten. But again, what they are made of, how they work? Silk Virgin

And now the good news, the search is over. We have for you the exfoliating product you need.
Our Silk Virgin Exfoliating Glove is the only exfoliating glove on the Market that is 100% all natural silk providing maximum exfoliating result.

This unique exfoliating glove is developed by a team of experienced European Dermatologists. Their proprietary European technology has created a far superiorexfoliating product.
The silk treads are obtained without chemicals, using only steam and the content of the treads is 100% protein. These delicate fibers thinner than human hair are woven with different levels of elasticity to fit perfectly to the contours of the skin achieving complete exfoliation.
Massaging with Silk Virgin stimulates and rejuvenates the skin, promotes a vibrant youthful complexion, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, stretchmarks, acne scars, cellulite, dark spots.
Beautiful and healthy skin isn't a trade mark for women only. Using Silk Virgin Exfoliating Glove benefits men as well as women. The Glove is recommended for face, body and all skin types. Made in Europe, developed and clinically tested in the Dermatology Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, designed by Virginia-Atelier and Tanya G.
Tanya and I have the same mission. We will ONLY propose the best quality green products to our  patrons that yield the best results and performance.  Slik VIrgin has given Tanya G.  positive feedback not to mention ROI.  Don't Keep Silk Virgin a Secret. Offer it in your salon and  make a difference!  Silk Virgin /Eye on Green Magazine
Wnat more info? Want your business listed in EYE ON GREEN Magazine?  Write me: terry@eyeonbeauty.info
See you in August!

BLACKBOX Cosmetics 
Get Ur Silk Virgin