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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Alphabet Beauty Tips

Briefly, I want to give out needed information about basic natural beauty through learning our A-B-C's

Let's start with the letter "A"

Alpha Hydroxy-  Did you know that using alpha hydroxy routinely will help fade liver and age spots? Did you know that there are natural alternatives that will yield the same results and will cost you  as little as $5?  Here are just a few.
Argan oil  as daily moisturizer will fade spots and even out overall skin tone elasticity.  This truly natural oil from the Argan tree (nut). It can be used on hair as well.  Just a couple of drops will do the trick.  The golden miracle oil from Morocco.
Apricot oil is one of my favorites.  Since it is a lighter oil, it is absorbed easily into the skin without leaving any residue.  Apricot oil can be used on hair and hands as well.

"B" is for BIOTIN  not Rogaine!
Biotin is my personal beauty tonic that I take daily.  Do you want luster in your hair and glowing skin?  If you like the way that sounds, how about growing longer and stronger hair!  first try taking 5,000 IU and see results in 2 weeks.   I have now stepped up my game with BIOTIN - I take 10,000 IU's and I am sprouting new hair!  Yes, I am growing hair at 48 yrs old!!
BIOTIN  the mood Booster!
Since Biotin is a vitamin of B complex,  It will grow your hair and nails but that's  not all...a mood booster that supports the nervous system.  I call it my happy vitamin!

Vitamin C   The absorbic acid contained in Vitamin C can be effective in reducing wrinkles. Many skin creams contain rich amounts of vitamin C.  Vitamin C plays a role in destroying free radicals, and a bonus by boosting your immune system.   Vitamin C plays to another important role by adding in the production of collagen. 

Being consistent and Learning your ABC's of beauty will put your overall health on the road to success!   Happy New You 2016