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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kennel Cough Cure Green Reciepe

Since I have my new puppy SALLY, I noticed that she seemed to be coughing. At first, when she coughed, I though she was going to vomit. To my surprise she was trying to loosen the phlegm in her throat, just as a human would do when we have a cold. Sally has been in and out of Kennels, been shipped between 2 different states, before making it to New Jersey. We know as humans, usually when we are under stress it is so easy to catch something.... like a cough and a cold. As with myself I always try natural remedies before seeking out my doctor. I truly do believe natural remedies do the job of major drugs, sometimes even better than I am willing to admit. I researched Kennel Cough. It is very common for dogs to catch this. It is the Cough & cold of our Canine friends. I did not want to go to the vet. I wanted to try a natural remedy for her. I started to Google Kennel Cough, natural remedies and came upon a great link. A link that I will give you at the end of this post, and I advise you to place it in your favorites. Here is a fantastic holistic remedy for Kennel Cough

1 small cup of warm water
1 Tablespoon of Honey
                                                 1/ 2 tablespoon of lemon juice

   *** fill up a medical dropper to approximately 5ml and feed it to doggie***
Sally is only 18lbs, so I gave her 1 full 5ml and then repeated again if I heard the cough after 1 hour. I continued to give Sally Kennel Cough Medicine for 5 days. After the second day, I was starting to see a difference. Sally has been with me for 1 week and I can tell you that this remedy has worked for her.
Something to think about. Make sure your doggie's water bowl has fresh water everyday. I changed her water 3 times and made sure she was drinking. Just like us, we must drink fluids when we are sick.... and guess what - this doggie cough remedy can be used for children (check age, honey is not for infants) and is also a great soothing soar throat cure for yourself! That is one Bark' in great recipe!
Here is your link http://youtu.be/W6rPgDV3kEY