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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EYE on GREEN Beauty Magazine: Does your Skin Talk 2 You?

EYE on GREEN Beauty Magazine: Does your Skin Talk 2 You?: Skin Needs Does your skin talk to you?  Is it becoming dry,?  Is it always oily, or combination?   Our skin goes through many chang...

Does your Skin Talk 2 You?

Skin Needs

Does your skin talk to you?  Is it becoming dry,?  Is it always oily, or combination?   Our skin goes through many changes.  As adolescents we dread the surprise of pimples during puberty.  How about those good 'ol patchy scales that we get on our bodies AKA psoriasis?  Yikes, BTW they are itchy too!  Skin dilemmas never seem to go away.    Skincare products  can also be very cut-and dry, excuse the  pun.   Marketers seem to characterize skin in the same way,  Oily, Dry or Combination....sorry  - One size does NOT fit all!

Skin Needs are Natural:
Let's think for a minute.  Our skin needs natural vitamins and minerals like our bodies.  We are what we eat and our skin let's the outside world know what we have been consuming.   Our complexion can tell good and bad stories.  Let's start with drinking  two 8 oz glasses of water to hydrate our bodies as well as clear up our skin.  Keep it simple silly!

Not all Oils are Created Equal:

If you want Pimples or very oily clog producing skin,  there are a pocket-full of   not so pretty irritants that we see on grocery shelves and in our own home.  I won't bore you with the details, so let's get to the good 'ol oils for your skin. BTW - they have  been used since Biblical times.

Apricot -  is used in anti-aging  moisturizers and serums.  I use Apricot oil as a make-up remover. Pay attention to the eye area, and keep crows-feet away for ever.  Retail price is 6.95  All natural moisturizer for fine lines and treats dry hair.

Almond - is another all natural moisturizer that is excellent for skin. easily absorbed, won't clog pores.  Use it as a whole body moisturizer massage oil.  Retail price 16 oz  8.95

Coconut -  is becoming an anti-aging breakthrough product.  It moisturizes and revitalizes skin.  Excellent when used as a massage oil.   Use on damp skin for better penetration.  Combine with other oils.   Beatify hair. Great for dry ends and scalp massage.   Retail 6.95

EYE ON BEAUTY uses Apricot, Almond and Coconut oils as carriers in our natural perfume line.   We like to smell good while getting  aphrodisiac skincare benefits as well  - ...now that's Exciting!  Take a look at our line for MEN and WOMEN    EYE ON BEAUTY Perfume oils

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pure Natural fragrance!

Looking for something different in the Scent Department?  The new crave is purely scented fragrance oils.  What are they?  They are clean scents that are full-bodied essential oils that are infused with natural body scent.   Why are they good?  Natural fragrance with no toxins are easily accepted by our olfactory glands.  They are the "now" in no-sneeze fragrant  blends.  They can be used as natural aphrodisiacs -  and can foster positive thinking and creativity.    These types of luxuries are heaven scent.  See below and catch us on our website:  EYE ON BEAUTY shop Fragrances!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

4 Ways to Keep CANCER away!

 I  saw this article in the Alternative Daily, giving a link at the bottom to subscribe,  to see more healthy way to beat disease with alternative ideas.

Here are 4 ways to increase your body’s supply of oxygen today. Making these simple things a habit could save your life.Belly Breathe
We all tend to breathe in a very shallow fashion, which is not healthy. Breathing deeply introduces fresh oxygen into the lungs and stimulates the lymphatic system, which is essential for detoxification.
Sit up straight and inhale a deep breath through your nose. Exhale slowly through slightly parted lips. You should see your stomach expand when you breathe in. After ten or fifteen deep breaths you will feel refreshed and energized. Do this several times a day for best results.
Drink Water
Human beings are between 70 and 75 percent water. If we do not keep ourselves properly hydrated our cells, tissues and organs shrivel like grapes. We should drink between 50 and 100 percent of our body weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink between 75 and 150 ounces of water each day, or in the range of 9 to 18 eight ounce glasses.
It is equally as important to drink the right type of water. Tap water is polluted with chemicals and heavy metals, and most bottled water is acidic and not very healthy. Distilled water or reverse osmosis water has basic and essential minerals stripped away. These are necessary to maintain an alkaline condition within the body. The best water comes from a high-quality home water filtration system, preferably one with an ionizer.
Participating in daily aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, biking or hiking helps your body use oxygen and remove toxins. Since the lymphatic system does not have its own pump, it needs movement to circulate. Spending just 15 minutes a day walking helps the lymphatic system do what it needs.
breathingThe best exercise for flushing the lymph is a rebounder, better known as a mini trampoline. In just two minutes you can flush the entire lymphatic system and triple the production of white blood cells. This is a fun and practical way to boost immunity.
Alkaline Foods
If you increase the amount of plant-based foods you are eating while simultaneously cutting out processed foods and lowering consumption of animal-based foods, your body will lean towards alkalinity.
Eat more dark and leafy green vegetables including kale, spinach, Swiss chard, sprouts and mustard greens. You can also take organic green supplements that contain chlorella, barley grass, alfalfa grass and spirulina. All of these have an alkalizing effect on the body.
- The Alternative Daily    LINK to Articles

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

EYE on GREEN GEMS - Men, Women, Tips, beauty, Read!

EYE on GREEN Beauty Magazine: EYE on GREEN Beauty Magazine: EYE on Green Gems: This Magazine issue of EYE ON GREEN Gems is in the process of being updated.  I can't wait to hear from Francesco of  ERBE  Skincare,...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EYE on GREEN Beauty Magazine: EYE on Green Gems

ERBE The Authentic Italian Skincare Line

 Our Gem of the Month is  Francesco Bianch of  Erbe Skincare.  This classy Italian company is so noted in Italy and I am truly amazed at their skincare line .  Please watch this video on UTUBE  and you will also be mesmerized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7HdKjc7wAQ&feature=youtu.be
EYE ON BEAUTY review of: 

-Chamomile Ultra-light Moisturizer 

A really effective ultra-light anti-inflammatory moisturizer.

This light moisturizer is thoroughly absorbed, simply apply after cleansing and toning with a gentle circular massage for smooth, soft and younger looking skin. Looking for something for the man in your life, our Chamomile Moisturizer works beautifully as a soothing after-shave. 


Chamomilesoothing, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries

I  received this beautiful package from Sue Fogleman who is a distributor for ERBE brand.   The  reason that I wanted to review the Chamomile Ultra-light Moisturizer?  Well, I have very sensitive skin, some broken capillaries and of course, sun damage.   I  dipped my index and middle finger across the top of the cream and I was delighted with the light non-scented milk-like texture.   A small amount was all I  needed.  It was absorbed immediately,  and left my skin with a dewy youthful glow.   It was totally like a spa milk treatment for my face.  After using this cream for only 2 weeks,  I was given the benefits of more than what I expected.  First, my tiny broken capillaries were lighter....and my sun spots are very much lighter...and guess what, my sun damage seemed to have faded away after 6 weeks of using the fantastic Chamomile Cream.  After all this, I  am always looking  for products that I man can use.  Guys, this is like "heaven for your skin."   Chamomile is so mild and soothing.  Apply this cream after a shave and you will stay smooth the whole day.  Use daily and reap the youthful benefits, just like I am!   Visit Erbe at there shop here:  https://www.opensky.com/erbetheauthenticitalianskincareline
Would you like to try a sample of ERBE Italian Skincare?   Reach Sue Fogleman here 2womendobiz.com 
Please Tell Sue that Terry sent you from EYE ON BEAUTY!  MEN shop EYE ON BEAUTY

Thorsten Roth ✭ Fashion, Beauty & People Photographer/Director ✭

EYE on GREEN Gems gets Thorsten Roth -  Director Photographer.    I cam across Thorsten Roth on linkedIn and I am amazed at his talents.  DID you know that GQ ITALIA published Thorsten 's RIPTYCH FashionVideoSeries featuring CALVIN KLEIN Underwear and I would like to invite you to check it out!
GQ ITALIA Link   Then, I came across this totally hot video that Thorsten directed, check it out here  The entire TRIPTYCH 'she', 'he', 'us' Series and the BTS-Video are also to watch on my TUMBLR http://thorstenroth.tumblr.com/   One thing is for sure,  never thought a guy in CALVIN Shorts could strike a  nerve with a long hairy......and the girl, is totally ripe!...Gisele has some competition right- about- now.... Stay tuned people, Thorsten is here - I am sure we will all be hearing about this talented Gem in the near future!

Announcement from BIZMENTORS 360° | MASTERMINDS

Dear Mastermind Community:

What's on Tap with Dennis Pitocco on "Business paying it forward." Dennis is the mastermind of this group.  He is inspirational,  features amazing articles, and the best part he, "pays it forward." As a follower of Dennis, this philosophy pays off  mighty Biz Big!   Snag Dennis and his wisdom on linkedIn

Again, we thank you for coming together to make a “real difference.” In just 4 days, we’ve assembled over 500 professionals committed to the notion of giving back so we can pay it forward. Very soon we’ll be sharing with you stories from real Mentors and real Mentees, collaborating in remarkable ways as we reach out across Linkedin and across the social media universe.

Meanwhile, we need your help. As you come across inspiring stories across the Media revealing the benefits of “mentoring” and “paying it forward,” take a moment to share it with our Group. Or if you’ve got your own story, share it with us.

Along the way, please help us build our global community of successful business professionals willing to engage, connect and share their wisdom with our community. Just send your personal Invitation to one and all, along with this link to join us: http://goo.gl/4kXswz
BEAUTY - wear your beauty naturally  CRAVE 4 Men   Crave Perfume 4 Men


Legitimate Flirting Skills

The entire dynamic of dating has changed.  For some folks that like the face-to-face thing....here are a few tips to flirt with out coming off,.. well... "creepy."  This goes for women and men, stalkers at large or  first time flirting for beginners.

1  Mark your territory....Not like a dog...scope out the area....walk around the bar a couple of times and look for potential targets,  become your own compass.

2. Decide on your target and make quick eye contact.  Emphasis on quick...don't stare, that's creepy.

3. Find a reason to move past your target.  Another drink? bathroom? looking for your friend on the other side of the room perhaps?  As soon as your are close enough, make eye contact,  hold a bit and look away just as you pass your target.

If this technique is too subtle for you...go up to your target, and say..." I am so sorry for staring, but you remind me of  a famous actor or actress (fill in the blank here)  or tell them you look so familiar do you hang out with (fill in the blank.)

This plan works best of all!

TOP  Men Using Makeup

Hey, I am not opposed to a guy wearing makeup, I mean there is a time and place for everything.  Men should think about highlighting their assets, hmmm biceps using some tricks of the trade.  Take Bret for example,  Looking good with the faux tan,  I hope it is an organic one?!?  and highlighting  his baby blues with the black  guy-liner....again, I  hope it is paraben free!   Love you Brett...and remember,  what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! 
 Bret Michaels

DO YOU  Shave?

EYE on Green Gems

This Magazine issue of EYE ON GREEN Gems is in the process of being updated.  I can't want to hear from Francesco of  ERBE  Skincare, Thorsten Roth -  Director Photographer.  Dennis Pitocco on "Business paying it forward."  and ladies... so many more good men  to fest your eyes on!  Stay tuned and shop here EYE ON BEAUTY - wear your beauty naturally  CRAVE 4 Men   Crave Perfume 4 Men