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Monday, August 20, 2012

#1 Spot

Hang In There!  We are #1

Eye on Beauty and Eye On Green Magazine are ranked  #1 on three search engines  Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Due to research and carefully selected key words and years of  researching competitors, continuing updating of the site is benefiting in the green market  Positive working through hurdles and survival of small green business in beauty is finally paying off.  How does Eye on  Beauty #1 ranking pay off for the small business owner?    People that are researching for cleaner beauty will be going to retailers that have online web shops.  Not only for mere convenience,  the fact is that the consumer can not find these organic/green items in the retail market.  Therefore, the only source for buying Eco-freindly, green cosmetics, bath products will be on the web, and through salons only.   Best of all,  prices will be competitive and buying retail will be a thing of the past. In fact, organics and natural products  buying  will be purchased through the web, will be cost effective, and high performance.  See BLACKBOX Cosmetics  for organic skincare (side link on this blog) They will also be offering Shampoos for salons/spas.  Go to their link and start shopping today!  Finding the best  vendors and  products,  health wise brake-through products will be sought after online with the help of EYE on Green Magazine.

How to benefit from the Green Glory? 

3 Easy Steps

1.  Redesign your webpage to be as customer friendly as possible!
2.  Revamp your SEO, Keywords for better ranking! go to http://www.seoprofiler.com    free tips!
3. Get a Green listing for your product in EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. Go to the Donation link in EYE ON BEAUTY  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info  purchase a donation, add to your cart, check out. Contact   terry@eyeonbeauty.info     A profile will be sent to announce your Green and organics in September issue.  This works!  Economical, Visibility and affordability!

Other opportunities can be applied with Terry at EYE ON BEAUTY  Go to the webpage at the link above in blue and see for yourself!   See the difference with Green in your salon!