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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June/July New Green Issue!

Who's here?  Visit my new connections....and Love Green!  Start by following! scroll to the end of the page.
 This has been an exciting month for EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE  filled with meeting new colleagues and  friendships for Green everlasting.  With in the past 8 publications of the magazine, I have learned so much and can not express my gratitude enough to the people that make it possible f or me to market their vision in Green   Yes, I said vision...not product.  People with the same vision in mind for Green do not get blinded by pitching their product.  Selling product however, is a wonderful result; and yields monumental rewards, but it does not take the place of  new green networks that cross my path.  For all that know me, I guess you get the picture. 
God's Green Tee's
Therefore, I have added an apparel line to the EYE ON BEAUTY website.  A bunch of  recycled shirts re-birthed and bare new green Tye-dye identities  for the entire family to wear.   Please visit me here:  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info     Find the green spirit in the color that the dye has left behind. The above tee's are up for auction...but you can get both tees for....well, what do you think they are worth? $ Get a close look at them, tell me what you see....terry@eyeonbeauty.info   child's sizes 2-4

 Get Your SPA Glowing!

Company Name: Lotion Glow
Founder: Sandra Zydzik President/CEO
Phone: 888 258 7858 and 909 204 0454

Website:  http://www.lotionglow.com.
email: sandra@lotionglow.com
How long are you in the Green Industry?  I have have been in the Go Green all Natural Business about 6 months.

Products: Soy  Body Candles -  During this last 3 months I have created 3 new lines,
 Eucalyptus pure body Lotion Candle, also a  Peppermint Eucalyptus body candle for Health and Wellness, great for breathing all Natural Menthol with a clean dash of Peppermint!
 Adding to my Perfume all  Natural roll on Body Gloss is French Vanelle', a warm blend of  French Vanilla and Rich Coconut blend that makes you smell Delicious!
Peppermint/Eucalyptus also a warm and inviting welcome to the perfume line.

Vision: This Company's Vision is already on it's way. I have re-vamped, added new lines.
Motto:  In today's "WORLD" it is our job to keep the PLANET safe, CLEAN, for our children and all of man kind, and all living and non living resources we habitat with.


Eye on Beauty Review:  “I have been in close contact with Sandra Zydik from Lotion Glow.  She has amazing drive and devotion to her brand.  Sandra’s warm personality glimmers in all the products she formulates.  She has heavy connections with other Green Entrepreneurs in her network that the same strong, flexible work ethic.  She knows what is needed to excel in this “niche” industry.  I am so happy to have connected with Sandra.  I know that there is a “bright” future of possibilities with Lotion Glow, especially if Sandra has her Eye on it!   ~Terry Ruvo 

Opening the GATES to more Green Education, helpful partnerships and Words from a Environmental Survivalist

 My name is Marla Gates. I want to share with my passion for green living, living healthier, eating organic, and taking care of our environment to make a secure and safe future for our children and all future generations.My website is about promoting a healthier lifestyle and cleaning up our environment. I promote and am an affiliate with products that are natural, organic, and Eco-friendly.
God gave us this planet as a gift, but unfortunately we have slowly been destroying our home.I believe that we all have a responsibility to stop the pollution on our planet earth. We need to stop dumping toxic chemicals into our environment and our bodies.  I believe in using alternative treatments and therapies whenever possible and herbal remedies that don’t have dangerous side effects.  Every product that we use in our homes or on our bodies that contain toxic chemicals is destroying our health whether they are personal care, household cleaner, pesticides, or the materials we use to build our home.
Have you wondered why cancer, Alzheimer disease, Autism, depression, asthma, and allergies and other chronic diseases are rampant in our society? Ask yourself if the foods you eat that contain toxic chemicals, GMO, and the environment we live in with so many pollutants and contaminants could be part of the cause? I believe with all my heart that it definitely has a tremendous negative impact on our health and environment.
 We live in a nation with the best health care available yet we are one of the sickest nations of any developed society. We all need to start reading labels and checking to see what we are buying, letting our senators and representative’s know that we are tired of big corporations getting away with poisoning our food and environment. I sign and send every petition I can that promotes positive changes for our environment such as labeling all ingredients to supporting any positive environmental bill.
I have learned so much through my own personal experience and know personally what the toxins can do to your health.  My life has literally been turned upset down. I have battled Environmental Illness for many years which affect every organ of the body and every aspect of my life. I am sensitive or allergic to many foods, chemicals, scented items and the list goes on and on. Things that at one time I took for granted I now can’t.  I cannot go out to a restaurant to eat, go shopping, or even hold down a job.
What I can do is try to educate others about changes that we need to make in our lives so we can stop the contamination and become a healthy nation and save our planet. I do this through my website http://www.organic4greenlivings.com  
(see Marla Blog's on the right side)
I do all I can to get the make as many positive changes as I can.I connect with others that have the same beliefs that I do and want to make a positive impact on our planet.  If we work together we can make a mark and ensure a healthier world.  That is why I have partnered with Terry at “Eye on Green Magazine”& “Eye on Beauty” who I meet through LinkedIn.  We both believe that changes are a must and are working together to make a healthier world.
So come join us and together we can make a difference.Please contact me at tbmgates9@yahoo.com or visit my website @ www.organic4greenlivings.com.

Eye on Beauty review:  "Marla Gates has provide me and so many others a host of information for Green Living in the New World.  I  recommend following her blog and her stead-fast, helpful, ways to put green and health back into your life.  After all, Green is Life and the Green Livings 4 all things.. ~ Terry Ruvo  Publisher/CEO


An A+  in Green for ARIIX

Company: Ariix
Founder/CEO: Mark Wilson, President and Founder (for more info, see this link). Tim Sales, creator of the video "Brilliant Opportunity" is the Field Leader.
 my story by Diana van Eyk on the Ariix website.
Address: 563 West 500 South, Suite 340, Bountiful, Utah 84010 
Phone: 855-462-7449 

Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business? Less than 1 year

What is your GREEN product or Service?  Vitamins, Minerals, Rejuveniix, Vinali, Omega-Q 

New Product: a product just launched is a water bottle that filters water to an incredible level of purity at an affordable price. It's perfect for camping, hiking or around the office.  

Company Vision/Motto: Unleashing the Human Potential for Good

Eye on Beauty reviews: " I think the Water Bottle Purifier is genius! A great company to follow and grow  with."  Terry Ruvo ~ Ceo/Publisher  
To see more of Ariix , and get involved in this their network, contact Diana van Eyk at dianavaneyk@yahoo.ca
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