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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Does your Skin Talk 2 You?

Skin Needs

Does your skin talk to you?  Is it becoming dry,?  Is it always oily, or combination?   Our skin goes through many changes.  As adolescents we dread the surprise of pimples during puberty.  How about those good 'ol patchy scales that we get on our bodies AKA psoriasis?  Yikes, BTW they are itchy too!  Skin dilemmas never seem to go away.    Skincare products  can also be very cut-and dry, excuse the  pun.   Marketers seem to characterize skin in the same way,  Oily, Dry or Combination....sorry  - One size does NOT fit all!

Skin Needs are Natural:
Let's think for a minute.  Our skin needs natural vitamins and minerals like our bodies.  We are what we eat and our skin let's the outside world know what we have been consuming.   Our complexion can tell good and bad stories.  Let's start with drinking  two 8 oz glasses of water to hydrate our bodies as well as clear up our skin.  Keep it simple silly!

Not all Oils are Created Equal:

If you want Pimples or very oily clog producing skin,  there are a pocket-full of   not so pretty irritants that we see on grocery shelves and in our own home.  I won't bore you with the details, so let's get to the good 'ol oils for your skin. BTW - they have  been used since Biblical times.

Apricot -  is used in anti-aging  moisturizers and serums.  I use Apricot oil as a make-up remover. Pay attention to the eye area, and keep crows-feet away for ever.  Retail price is 6.95  All natural moisturizer for fine lines and treats dry hair.

Almond - is another all natural moisturizer that is excellent for skin. easily absorbed, won't clog pores.  Use it as a whole body moisturizer massage oil.  Retail price 16 oz  8.95

Coconut -  is becoming an anti-aging breakthrough product.  It moisturizes and revitalizes skin.  Excellent when used as a massage oil.   Use on damp skin for better penetration.  Combine with other oils.   Beatify hair. Great for dry ends and scalp massage.   Retail 6.95

EYE ON BEAUTY uses Apricot, Almond and Coconut oils as carriers in our natural perfume line.   We like to smell good while getting  aphrodisiac skincare benefits as well  - ...now that's Exciting!  Take a look at our line for MEN and WOMEN    EYE ON BEAUTY Perfume oils