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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The new VOICE of Fragrance

 3 Reasons to use Natural perfume oils.
Using natural oils to pamper is the holistic way to relieve  aliments.   Camomile, lavender,  rose oil are wonderful for body massage.   Eucalyptus is used as a muscle rub for   aches and pains.  Spearmint  can calm a headache,  Jasmine oil can set-up a night of passion.   Perfume oils when used as aphrodisiac are becoming widely used by men and women.  Since they are natural oils, there are usually no allergens that will disrupt body chemistry.   Perfume oils can last on a body for many hours.  This is the number one reason why fragrance lover's use them.   Musk smells like fresh damp skin.  Roll around in your bed sheets, musk will last until morning.  Sandalwood is another favorite mind and body exotic oil.  These oils have been used for centuries, by the orient and the mid-east.   Most mainstream perfumes are mostly alcohol and a small amount of synthetic oil is used for "fragrance."   Alcohol makes any perfume evaporate quickly.   Over the counter perfumes prices are structured by the amount of essential oil that is derived to make the fragrance.   The customer is paying full price for  packaging of  a  perfume that delivers mostly a  synthetic scent with small amounts of essential oil. 
Choosing a Perfume oil to purchase is a far better choice.   Legendary  in use,  essential oil perfumes are becoming a new way  to make a lasting impression and a healthy holistic add-on to today's busy lifestyle.
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