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Friday, October 14, 2011

Salons/Spas - Grow with Us!

Written by: Terry Ruvo: Founder of EYE on BEAUTY "paraben & cruelty free" cosmetics. Writer/Creative Dir. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

Terry Ruvo - the FOUNDER of EYE On BEAUTY invites all to get acquainted with the "GREEN" part of her new found beauty project. This will not only be a bulletin on Organics/Naturals and solely Green foods - but a resource guide that will feature products for people for the new greener economy and generation. The magazine will uncover "greener"items, in beauty, cosmetics, skincare, well-being and not not limited to ecology, environment, and green farming. Eye on Beauty's GREEN Magazine will act as another vehicle for Consumers/buyers/wholesalers that want to learn about add green and natural choices to their lives. They will enjoy the new and refreshing, greener alternatives that come from the many entrepreneurs small green business owners in niche Green Beauty Market. Articles of interest such as: Beauty's Big GREEN Card and reviews for Super Natural GREEN Beauty Products are just a few that will be on the menu. In today's world we have so many choices. Speaking from a consumer stand point, I like choices and alternatives. I also like alternative ways of thinking, alternative view points and shared alternative natural, green eco-friendly advice and service. If I come across a newer greener/natural way option or item - I am on the green to learn about and try the product/service...... and I am telling all of my friends! Choice gives us freedom on what items we buy. Having a choice puts you in control of products/services of what you buy and do not buy into. Therefore, putting the consumer in the driver seat – “at the wheel” if you will. So, what is my concern about all of this? - There are many "green" people today that are doing BIG Green/and natural good deeds for society, and our children's future for tomorrow. The “green seeds” of society, myself included, need strong “roots” to stand on. The time has come. The“niche” Green market needs to “grow.” The only way to do this is to unite and come together. We can do it all with the customer in mind - by feeding them goodness and alternative natural greener choices for their life! EYE on Beauty's' – Green Magazine - gives the "bit" on “greens” in beauty,cosmetics, skincare market and so much more. What' s Next - My GREEN Beauty Team - This month!

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