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Friday, August 31, 2012

Green Life Makeover

Fall: "Flip-Flop"  ( coral) shimmer
Sacrificing is not a common word when it comes to our health.  Many people in this world want the quick fix satisfaction sensation with  no work involved.  The fact is:  if you want to achieve goals, one must make sacrifices.  Even I don't like to say the word "sacrifice" it congers up negative images.  Denying, is another word that is not a favorite.  Although when we make sacrifices and deny ourselves  -  the rewards are greater than the quick fixes!  The idea is to bend the rules a little bit along the way to stay on the positive path.  I try to do this everyday in a Green way a living my everyday life.  Letting go of bad habits actually sets you free of other worries.  Sickness, aging, ill health is a daily worry for most Americans. Making these changes is hard for many people.  After all,  having a green way of life first has to be a mindset.  It starts with positive self talk, positive imagery,  and attitude.  Step by step.  It's like counting the water droplets on a leaf...you will finish refreshed & rejuvenated with more self-worth!

Here is a couple of things you can do:

 1.  buy 1 item a week that is organic.  I love apples and consume many, sometimes 2-3 a day...So I buy organic apples.
2.  Discard one unhealthy item and replace it with a healthy one.   For example,  ditch the soft drinks.  Drink water instead.
3.  Buy a personal item that is a gift to "Yourself"  for doing a good job supporting a new green life.  W hy  not treat yourself or a loved one to a Green gift on EYE ON BEAUTY   go here EYE ON BEAUTY - online natural beauty boutique and gifts
"Flip-Flop" lip creme is a hot color for the fall.  Warm Coral shimmer...those fall nights are hot with this color!  $12.00 FS w/ Freebies! (pic above)
Gifts start at $5.00   Believe me, change is hard, but green treats are easy to get ur hands on!

Next article -  how to forgive yourself, and move forward on a positive "Green Path"