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Thursday, June 12, 2014

2 Most Powerful Words

 "Put your money where your mouth is".... " "You win some, you loose some," are most frequently used business lingo, but how about the clich├ęs that we dislike such as "Good Guys, Finish Last."   The reason why I hate the last one?...  Most people believe you have to be the BAD GUY to be successful.  Many people feel that you have to be a Pr***, as soon as you enter the virtual business front door.  I am sorry ladies and gentlemen this just isn't so.  I have worked for many Pr***'s indeed. Men and women alike, That I have nicknamed them as "Richards", aka DICK's of  today's business world.  I have to let DICK know, you will sadly loose your integrity and sex appeal quickly.  The point is, never to loose it in the first place.  Use some powerful words to win in the office and gain some respect for DICK.  Do you know the 2 most powerful business words?  Two words to delight your employees upon seeing them in the AM?  "GOOD MORNING.". wins - on the way in the door and into the hearts of the people that work for you.   Does "Good Morning", do DICK justice?  Well, I did a test drive of using the power of "Good Morning" On many of my assignments. 
 DID YOU KNOW, the people that say, "Good Morning" are more likely to have a leg- up on a promotions and raises?  Yes, it true, even in these economic hard times.  BTW - saying "Good Morning" to the BIG people as well as the little people, will build long-lasting business relations. 

The "Good Guys" are perceived as being approachable and seek a high-level of emotional intelligent. 
And believe me, these GUYS DON'T FINISH LAST.

Approachability is far more important in business than the "mighty buck."  Walk into the office command the respect you deserve GOOD MORNING, guarantees the revolving door of business won't kick you in the "A**."

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