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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Perfuming & Violettina

NEW Press Release
BIG TALK and serious perfume action from EYE ON BEAUTY -  CEO Terry Ruvo brings her own personal philosophy "living Life Green & Naturally" through the voice of  her company's products.   This small and Natural indie-fragrance company - is spoiling customers with beautiful marketing displays, while surging into the natural perfuming industry full-throttle.  Critics say, EYE ON BEAUTY, does not have the financing to take hold of the market. However, the CEO has taken major steps that is bringing EYE ON BEAUTY brand nationally.  Sometimes when you take the longer route, you gain traction slowly making bigger impact.  It is seems that slow and steady is winning the race for this small natural beauty company. The CEO is changing the game for perfuming.   "My dream is to become a "household name" for the "green" beauty industry.  I have seen so many people burn themselves out because of minor set backs. They loose site of their message, because they have their eyes on the "mighty buck."  My Eyes have always been on offering alternative beauty without toxins.  I want to make a difference for the next generation and prove that slow and steady wins the race. Shop VIOLETTINA  EYE ON BEAUTY