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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Healthy Dirty Secrets!

A  good sex life is healthy for you.  Of course, this is no shock!  Sexual benefit depend on how often you do it!  Check out your score... when you score!

1.  Regulating Hunger

Sleep improve with  a little romp, and if  Zzz's  improve, you will say "no" to extra calories.  Bet you didn't know that having sex can regulate your hunger..

2.  Fight sniffles in Bed!

More sex improves your immunoglobulin A -  proteins which fights illness.

3.  Heart Throb

Jumping  on  your partner is more fun than jumping on a treadmill...take advantage of sex to aid your ticker!

4.  Blush and Glow

Couples who do it routinely can look forward to looking younger  - about 4 to 7 years younger!

5.  Positive Outlook!

Couples who get-it-on are more optimistic, energy focused and creative. I mean, it is never a bad day in bed!  All the motivation of  rolling around it the sack can improve your performance at work!

 6. Smarty Pants

To be a smart ass - you need to drop your pants!  Even one good booty session can improve blood flow to your brain.   You even get new brain cells by going all the way!

7.  Mood Swings

Getting down to business in bed stabilize your mood..for the better!  Regular sex will reduce anxiety!  Better than your morning cup of coffee!
Get Busy in bed - no caffeine needed!

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