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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cool Green Gifts!

Here are some top picks  for 2012 Holiday Season.   Yuletide stress is on the rise.  Over 7 out of 10  customers are buying on- line.  Keep your feet at your desk armed with your mouse is the number 1 way to keep stress on the negative. Buying on line is the best way ....and for some, the only way!   The Deals?   Blue light specials are going on with online-shop keepers.  Buy 1 and get 1 free  Customer friendly on-line shop till you drop or until your stop clicking you mouse...!   How about those cyber shops that are giving away free items for every purchase or coupons and a choice of a FREE item the next time you buy....it is all good and very price competitive.    An easy way to CLEAN up with the best bargains that  begin and are never-ending online.  Don't blink and eye this holiday season...early birds get the best Green gifts!

MEN wake up and Smell the GREEN!       Model is wearing Sz Large  Tye-dye Muscle Tee. Soft to touch for a Guy or Girl   only $8.50    
GREEN Peace pendant - knotted leather, Malachite stone.  16' inches.  Only 1 available.

Sacri Perfume (oil) Blended cinnamon, bergmont, vanilla.  Sensual and warm oil for massage or pulse point use. Be careful - you heart may race with "pure" satisfaction.   Sample is $5.00


Gift with Necklace is $20.00  (seen above)
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Get the Clutter Out!

Cool Care Gift Choice 

Company Name   R & C Products Inc.
Founder/CEO      Rick Alexander / Both Founder/CEO
Address: 1226 Maple St.
Phone: 425 303 8107
 How long are you in the GREEN Business?  2 years
 What is your GREEN product or Service?  My holders
  Company Vision:  helping every small child family & pets, where there is a hot curling or flat iron in the home
and preventing house fires!
Motto:  Where Safety & Fashion Meet!

EYE on Beauty Review:   This is a genius product.  I watched  the video and I loved it! Every Salon and home should have a Cool Care Holder. 


#1 Green From EYE ON BEAUTY
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EYE ON BEAUTY  "ManHunt" eye creme

EASY GREEN T-Shirt - for Men, Women, Children and Tweens

Prices start at $6.50   recycled, with one-of-a-kind Green Tye-dye designs.  Excellent for layering, easy care and fit.  The more you wear the more you will love your Green!   shop here:  EYE ON BEAUTY T-shirts