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Friday, November 30, 2012

Relationshihps: Your Private Miseltoe!

 How to Get - Green Cheer
Eye on Green magazine speaks of all things that are green. Such as, green beauty, natural health lifestyle, Eco-friendly fashion etc.  December is a touchy month for many.  We are cheerful and we are still sad.   Since, Sandy Storm, many NJ families are homeless and waiting for  a warm place stay.   The media tends to put their energy into irrelevant happenings that don't effect our everyday lives.  Like the mom or dad that is out of work.  A child that is starving for yet another year.  These are the realities that none of us want to think about.   I read endlessly on how important it is to stay positive in such a negative world.   This is when I have to put everything in it's place and into perspective.  How to spread Green Cheer for the holidays and receive wealth in the year 2013?   It is entirely up to me and my healthy attitude....but here is a couple negative(s) that I stay away from.  Here is my list of  holiday bummers.

1.  I don't watch the news.  News is not "news"... it is entertainment.  It plays on negativity.
2.  Oust Negative people, Places, and things.
3. Don't over indulged in
    -  spending
    - drinking
    - eating

Ways to Achieve GREEN CHEER

1. Hang out with Friends that care
2. Exercise
3. eat right!
4. Give someone a compliment
5. Give to charity
6. make peace with your enemies
7. spend 1 day of the week doing "absolutely nothing."
8. Meditate for 10 min per day.
9. Hung a child
10. Say "I love you."

** Successful and healthy attitudes go hand -n-hand and lip 2 lip***  Happiness brings health and wealth!
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