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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New Style 4 Beauty

Hair Today  or Gone Tomorrow

When a client comes to you and says – “ I  need a change”  What is your answer?  Do you “Wow” them with something new, or do you use the same approach to please.  When coming to a fork in the road, which way will you go? The same path that you know is safe and easy…or will you take the path that is hard and unknown.  Change will happen, no matter which path you take.  Change is hard for many, especially when you talk about business.  This is why business and people choose not to change.  Then they question – “Why is my business yielding the same results?”  I can tell you of my area in NJ – it is a battle to keep salons and spas running.  Yesterday, on my way to a neighborhood salon, I  noticed, the lights were out inside.   On my way in, clients were being pampered in the dark…strange.  As I waited to get my turn for a cut, I over heard chat about the owner conserving energy…their monthly rent was way overdue. Oh my goodness… I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so surprised… my hair curled…and my hair is naturally pin-straight.  All kidding aside, I wondered how long this salon will stay in business.  My go-to salon has been here for 25 years.   As I observed more, the salon was up to their go-go-boots in product.   On my way out, I asked to speak to the salon owner with  hopes to give some pointers on how to clean house and maybe salvage some business. The owner was no where to be found.  Of course, I knew it was too late.  I was actually depressed for the salon owner. Loosing your business is like loosing your loved one, a piece of your heart. If  I was only here six months ago, I would have said – "Don’t be attached to the same way of running your business like a routine…, it will only get harder.  Don’t be afraid of change, and welcome your passion of  chic  to the unknown. Don’t let fear blind your business to change."   Create your new style for business....I know where the new seeds are being planted....First, take the path to Green. Follow here.

Change is here – and the Bardot is back!
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