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Friday, August 22, 2014

Amazing Cocoa Butter

Product review: Arnie's Amazing Cocoa Butter Cream
Review by: Eye on Beauty Shop - wear your beauty naturally EYE ON BEAUTY online Shop
CEO:  Terry RUVO.

I usually don't do many reviews on products unless they meet or exceed my expectations.  Arnie's Cocoa Butter Cream does just that!  First of all, this Cocoa Butter has a gorgeous scent of real cocoa, honestly it smells like chocolate. It has a consistency that is creamy and nourishing. It is fully absorbed into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. I use this brilliant cocoa butter cream on all areas of my body. It is so soothing and I have seen the anti-aging benefits already. I have used this cream on my feet.  The backs of my heels can get so dry. I apply the cream all over my feet and put on some fluffy socks and wake up to beautiful smooth feet and toes. Did I mention that it can be used on the face also?  Wonderful for under eye dark circles and stretch mark cream. I have used this on my belly as a moisturizer to tighten up, and it works that area too! I am telling you I can't  get enough of it! Arnie's Amazing Cocoa Butter cream is Natural and Organic 100% Contains vitamins A  C  E F.  Arnie's also gives away a free lip balm which I use every night before I go to bed.  I love it!  Arnie's Amazing is running coupon discounts on this amazing product. Please go to their site and read on all of the amazing benefits.  This is not only an amazing product, it has become my miracle cream!  Arnie's Amazing Cocoa Butter Cream