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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jobs: Slam The Scam!

It will not be a Green Holiday  for anyone if they fall victim for these job scams.  Jobs/Money/Scams come in all different shapes and sizes.  Please beware of the top 3  job finder scams that are more slicker than the great con artist himself   - The Job Scam Grinch!    I know how  it is looking for work, even part time jobs are sparse, and the scam artist  knows this. 

1.   WORK FROM HOME Jobs  - are number one of jobs scams.  Many of them target "stay -at-home Mom's"  that a re looking to make a couple of extra bucks in their spare time.  First of all, Mom's don't have any  real  "spare" time.    Most of these offers want you to  pay money up front for them to send you opportunities.   I  ran into one that wanted me to sign up for $ 99.00, and then they will send me jobs.   First, Red Flag!

2.  MAKE MONEY ONLINE selling Websites or Marketing Options.   This is more trouble than it is worth.  ONLINE SURVEY,  to the land of  no-where.  You may  make a couple of  bucks after doing many, many surveys, answering a gamete of questions.....then they want you to sell the same offers to your family and friends on line to Facebook and Tweet people to the point of  harassment.   Then when that doesn't work, you are ask to sign up for the "elite"  scam program where they ask you for money, to get leads that make you money....ya right buddy, go scam someone else!

3.  Typing online documents for   3 cents  per  word or some ridiculous form of compensation. ...  Can you type 1 million words per minute??   I don't thing there are any gold mentalist  typists out there -  do you?