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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TUBS it's just Business!

As I have been writing about business and beauty on linkedIn for over 3 years,  my audience is always asking me to write about business issues concerning  how to make money.   Being a business owner myself, I can safely tell you there are 3  no fault ways to enhance your customer  following and generate more leads earning sales.  

1.   Give "Thanks"    easily said than done. ..?!?   Saying 'Thank You"  is one  way,   writing it is another, or send a card -  but don't for get this important business courtesy.
2.   under promise, over deliver.    There is nothing worse than being on the phone with a company that promises but doesn't deliver anything. 
3.   Send Soft Touch greeting notes.    I am in the health and natural beauty industry, I typically send "HOW are YOU emails,  to see how my clients are doing health-wise. 

Simple, easy, green and healthy  business skills  to touch people in  related ways.   You are what your BUSINESS is.  The most important product of all...MAKE Impact!
Stay tuned for more on TUBS  business

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