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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Mommy List

5  Rules to Swear By

 Mommy Heidi
Mommy's need to stay healthly.  With a long list of things to do for family and children, mommy can't forget about herself.  Here are few things to get mommy's back on track for Mother's Day and everyday.

1.  SLEEP - rules the roost!

Sleep is number one on the chart.  Practice relaxation techniques through out the day. Going to t he sack will be easier.  Sticking to a schedule will keep your eternal clock in shape.  We set a routine fit for the kids - and this routine is a good fit for mommy.

2.   Physical Fitness -  comes after your sleep is adequate.  I only go to the gym when I have adequate sleep.  Exercise only works when the body can endure physical activity without injury.   An easy routine( there's that word again!)  for daily activity should be prescribed as a way of life.   20 minutes a day works for most.  10 minutes cardio and 10 minutes weight training.

3.  Eating right/ Healthy nutrition - Let's go back to basics. without the confusion.   The basic food groups are a good way to start.  3 basic easy meals.  Eat hand full palm size portions.  Eat what comes from the earth.  Fruits, Vegetables,  proteins, grains.  Please eat organic as much as possible.  If you stick to the basics you will be emotionally and physically stronger.  For me this is the ultimate way to stay sexy!

4.  Have Fun - don't be too serious about anything...even if  a situation is grim there is always a way to change it.   Working towards a goal and accomplishing small daily goals gets me to stay positive.  Then I reward myself,   I give myself anything that suits my fancy!   Pulling a weekender spontaneous vacation with a loved one.  Just buying a new pair of shoes, or sharing in the delightful things about life with a huge glass of wine!
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5.   Bitterness out  - Healthy Heart In - here is no room for bitterness in my life nor should it be in yours.  Remember, it is easier to make war than to make love.  This is the reason why people hold grudges.  Grudges and judging is not part of my world.  It is not part of Gods world.  So live and let live.  Be Kind, Be nice.  Make love to yourself and others, by giving people room to  grow and find their way.   Give Kind Spirit and support to others - do this by acting on it. It will benefit your ROI long term.  It is good for the heart!
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