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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The BIG Switch!

What turns people to Green?   What is  the green "Switch" that goes off inside your head? Do I  hear any bells ringing?  When I made the switch I had personal reasons to do so.
 Here are my not-so-green reasons.

Family Sickness.  Allergies or more than just a "sneeze"  educating myself  on chemicals and toxins helped clear my mind.
 When I finally realized I was  going to do the "switch"  the question was: "What products do I need to switch-out or completely oust out of my life?"

Easy Toxin-out fix is choosing a green shampoo.  One that is paraben and sulfate free.   Shampoos are suppose to provide lustrous locks.  Most shampoos and conditions on the market strip away all the good and leave use with the "bad".  They take away our shine, hair color, and dries out the cuticle.   It was easy to make the "switch" to a botanical shampoo.  I am glad I did.  Less lather provides me with better conditioned hair.   The market of  shampoos are harsh detergents compounded with a huge chemical make up.  This is not the product I want to waste money on or put on my scalp.   I clean my hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
 My answer is VuDu   - It's hair magic with no chemicals.  Save money and Save your hair Go    VUDU hair!