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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Body, My Green

In the prior issue of EYE ON GREEN  - I  profiled Ryan Doheny the CEO and creator of AXIA3 digestive antacid.  I am reviewing 3 more incredible products from this amazing Green company  Natrica USA.

 NRG MATRIX  - Orange Citrus Energy Drink

I have been enjoying  NRG MATRIX everyday  before I go to the gym.  This ORGANIC energy drink can be diluted into any  beverage of choice - I use it in my water bottle 12-16 oz.  I absolutely love this tasty natural tonic.  I have tried many potions  on the market...and they are just "Potions"  -  chalky, powered, flavored sugar.  This is NOT the case in NRG MATRIX.  I am very picky about what I put into my body.  I try my best to hydrate with nothing other than water. Now, I have a tasty alternative.  I get to drink Orange Energy  that is actually good for me.  This is not a "Gatorade" or a caffeinated synthetic energy drink - it is plain goodness of green tasting sunshine!  I am running a FACEBOOK Contest to get free samples of this "good for you" green product.  Please watch for details for my next post!  and write me to  get into the free samples contest of  NRG MATRIX by the makers of AXIA3
Terry Ruvo - terry@eyeonbeauty.info   EYE ON BEAUTY - FREE  NRG MATRIX energy drink!

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Natrica USA
310-430-4488 – DIRECT
PO BOX 30131
149 South Barrington Avenue, Suite 138
Los Angeles, CA 90049

 Got Heartburn Baby?

Heartburn - it's not a secret, and when you have it, everyone knows!
Nobody likes heartburn...especially if you are pregnant.  I  remember my first pregnancy it was nothing bubbly!  But not the good bubbles...a lot of indigestion, nausea and a bad taste in my mouth...just awful.   I was told to pop some TUMS by my OBGYN.   although before I "pop" anything in my mouth, I always read labels...and believe me, there is  massive amounts of chemicals in antacids.   Many women and men suffer from GERD  which is acid reflux syndromeEven if you eat way before bed time, many find that the "stuff" just repeats on you. Certain types of foods will come back to haunt you...and it ain't pretty!   

Recently I have come across GERD's best friend....lol    Now, I get some AXIA3 action!  Ryan Doheny invented this unbelievable remedy for acid reflux.  Not only is it pleasant tasting, (non-chalky)  it is safe to use.  Women all over America have been thanking him for their alternative to Tums.  You can get AXIA3 at wholefoods - but why not try a sample from EYE ON BEAUTY free with any beauty purchase.   NO GERD!   AXIA3  is the only way to fight antacid by working with a mom's body and not against it. I t Neutralizes heartburn and releases a blend of ProDigestive and Trigresive enzymes promoting healthy digestion and critical nutrients for mother and baby.   Enjoy your pregnancy,  happy and healthy  with  no GERD  bubbles!  Visit my Friend Ryan, the creator of AXIA3, at the link below.  
Ryan Doheny
CEO & Creator of Digestive Formulas