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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hiring The New Economy

Tracking the stay- at- home Mom for employment is becoming a hot topic.  Over 50 years ago women never went back to work after they had children.  Today the high-cost of living most partners have duel incomes...in spite of a stalled economy... 
The stay-at-home-mom is a sought after product.  She is the brains of  the business - bringing her beauty and compassion back into the workplace.   Really...  Yes...really!!   Here are 3 top reasons.

1.   She is great at multitasking
2.   Flexible schedule means flexible pay!
3.   willing to work Part Time

We are not talking super women - we are talking super moms. Great at mufti-tasking, a team player,  a good listener.    The number one reason why head-hunters  are seeking out stay-at-home moms....a flexible schedule means flexible hourly rate.   Ask any mom what her number one priority is?  I bet she will say her kids!  She will bite-the-bullet to get a flexible work schedule...even if it is a  part time pay rate.   All corporate pencil-pushers please stand up and bow to the stay-at-home mom!  Give her a shot!

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