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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A View From the Top

Interview by: Afrik Beauty

TERRY RUVO..the  lady that loves to live ''GREEN''!!!!
I am happy to bring to you another  great lady that so much enjoys  being self employed. Terry Ruvo a New york based fine artist but her own artistry is not on canvas but on women faces, skin and body.  Founder of an online beauty shop- EYE on BEAUTY and publisher of GREEN Magazine, Terry if you happen to meet her  exhibits so much passion for  her career. I  met her online and decided to find out more  about  her. 

Terry's EYE on BEAUTY online shop was established in 2008 to give people the choice of purchasing Paraben &Cruelty FREE Beauty products.  This shop sells categories of skincare, makeup brands, jewelry, Tye-dye T-shirts, hand made personal perfume oils for both men and women. She said most of her products are so competitive that you might not be able to get them in other shops. Due to high cost of shipping  she can only ship to residents of U.S for now. 

''EYE  on BEAUTY  is all about wearing your beauty naturally in your heart, mind and body'' says Terry!  I asked her how she caters for her male clients satisfactory. 

''Men love personalized beauty gifts'' she said.  This means that the shop do personalized T-shirts, Jewelry no one has for her male clients and they love every bit of it. There are  also the perfume oils for couples and lovers who love to shop together to pamper their body.

Now, if you have met Terry in any of the social Networks, you must have observed her passion for MAKEUPS and its Applications. This is where i guess her confession of being an artist plays a big role.  Terry said,-''  Makeup  is my palette of colors, and your face is my blank canvas''. See what i mean folks? Seriously? This dame can do lots of  art work with makeups on the face. Trust me ...i know! Just like a great painter/artist showing her expertise on the canvas.   Can Terry go a day without wearing makeup? Jacqui asked.   ''NO''  she loves wearing ''nude'' palette everyday. She confessed that she cannot do without Mascara and tinted moisturizer . Light nudes, warm golds with pink are makeups she listed that gives the face perfect look.

for more go here: http://afrikbeauty.webs.com/self-employed-loving-it