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Saturday, January 12, 2013

U wanna some....

Are you ready for spring?  U Wanna some fresh color?.....  EYE ON BEAUTY is rolling out a new spring color palette.  Keep your Eyes on Green and check out "U Wanna" and "Solar" new hot lip creams.   Don't forget to get an easy new Tye-dye Tee featuring our double dyes, see below  - our model is wearing the new Aqua Dye! Color is  everything about EYE ON BEAUTYgo to  EYE ON BEAUTY online Ship  

Want some "New" sexy?  February is Aquarius and they love Teals...Our dyes are soft and "color like no-other"...Prices bring you back to the 1960's....fashion is laid back, warm and hot for spring.
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