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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's Hot 4 Feb

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Men and women love color.  Guys may not want us to wear gloss for everyday kissing, although men do want something warm to look at. Usually it's lips! Our lips are natural "flirting Devices."   Of course, our eyes showcase the world and our lips add to the scenery.  Why not add a touch of color. Reds are hard to wear?  This is not a fact in my dictionary of color...  Get a Red with blue under tones or one with warm browns added.  Use some spark in the middle of lip to "pump up the volume."  EYE ON BEAUTY has the hue for U   go here: EYE ON BEAUTY LIPS

I  hear millions of stories on how - "Lip Plumpers Don't Work" or more drastic such as; "I am going for Lip surgery to expand my lips..."   Yikes! I would never advise anyone to do lip Botox  when there are safer methods to plump up your lip volume

Here is the best non-surgical method that has worked for years and results are immediate, and cost friendly.

How to Exfoliate:

Use a lip pumice, a lip mask to scrub off  rough skin cells. The method of exfoliating 2x a week will stimulate and expand your lip surface naturally.   A gentle rub of this area  (vermillion) will circulate blood to the area,  naturally making lips appear fuller and  plumper.

Why Exfoliate?

Lips will become rejuvenated and look younger.  Wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced.  A lip balm will keep lips moist and perky.  Application of your favorite lip cream or gloss will go on smoother.

Apply a lite color (gloss)  will also  make lips appear  fuller (pink or nude work best!)  go here to see amazing lip treats and colors:  EYE ON BEAUTY LIPS

Try exfoliation of the lips...it's mmm, mmm good!