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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beauty is His/Her T's

Men and ladies you have come to the right shop for valentines day gifts. Men - see Your T on Her body Pic below.  All tees are made for men and ladies...teal is hot! only $8.50.   Are you "Madly" in love with him? Why not pick up fresh new lip gloss, that he will adore you in and nothing else...he will "wanna" with you; it's a sure thing! SPRING LIPS & Tee's

What is the deal for now and through February?...see for yourself.  We are old-fashion and GREEN, and slightly sexy.   MEN give your lady what she wants and nothing she needs.....Check out our beauty specials and EYE ON BEAUTY eye "PROVOKE-ING" online shop!   Get with it! ..there is something there for you too Cowboy! Men's sexy things are at the shop!  ANIKA has SKINCARE smoothies - and take 35% off!
Perfumes, shirts, neck wear,  lipstick.....okay well, that's for her but I am sure she will find a way for you to wear it!  Press go here  EYE ON BEAUTY - Wear your beauty naturally!