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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gems: KEY words on MEN!

What a guy really wants is the question that has taunted women for centuries!  I asked  male GEMS on what a guy really wants from us women....
It is not a "MAN's" world all the time-but, if you want men in your world...here are some tips on the QT  or his favorite quarterback!

 Enjoy those "GIANTS" or any sport of his interest.  Take on a new experience for you both.  Bond at the gym and give muscle massages afterwards.   Be the quarterback in bed.  Take the lead - he wants to see your moves! Guys don't always want sex...however, they do obsess about it more than women...don't worry he's normal!  Believe it or not....men do want to be monogamous in relationships!  Gem guys want to be loved - and he will reciprocate his feelings in different ways. Such as, doing some housework or getting you that special "Bling" you always wanted.   Men don't talk much.  A simple "yes" or " no"  will suffice.  A cute pair of Jeans and a T-shirt will " turn him on".....it's easy! That is why the number #1 ego boost "Lingo" in the " sac" are simple key  words such as:  "yes baby!" 
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