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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pampering and Perfuming

Benefits of Natural oils - Pampering Skin Naturally

  Incorporating the use of  Essential oils in are lifestyle has healthy beneficial  factors. If you have every experienced a spa massage, you will notice the practitioner will use a natural oil laced with an essential oil.  Camomile,  Rose, Lavender oil will give relaxing effects.  For muscle aliments,  eucalyptus oil can be used to sooth muscle aches.   Oils are a big part of  western cultures and have been for centuries.  Using natural oils for perfuming is one of the best ways your can benefit your health as well.  I  call this Pampering & Perfuming Certain oils, as I have said can relax and  rejuvenate our senses. Essential oils when used topically can decrease blood pressure,Try Camomile to relax a racing mind and body.  A drop of  oil can can  reverse our mood,  excite our spirit and arouse us physically.  Sandalwood can be used in a relaxing massage formula. Sandal wood has sensual properties, it has a beautiful light smell, men and women enjoy the pleasureful scent.  A natural oil does not irritate the sinus passages,  there is no sneezes to deal with.   Blended perfume oils last longer, than conventional perfumes.  Conventional perfumes are 80%  alcohol and a small amount of  oil is used to create "fragrance."   Many manufactures create synthetic oils to create perfumes to market.   When one switches to a natural perfume oil...there is no-other-way to enjoy natural scent.   Purchase a natural perfume oil,  you will see what the RAVE is all about.

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