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Monday, December 31, 2012

Green T Latest Designs!

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Showcasing info that many want to know about.  Physiology  of the "O" factor.   Below are details that women need to know about and Men need to learn.

Inner tension mounts. Heart rate increases, breathing is
faster, small body hairs stand on end. Sudden muscle contractions,
spasms, indescribable feelings of pleasure: an orgasm, over relatively
quickly for men but sometimes lasting up to 30 seconds for women.

Along with intense feelings of release following an orgasm, come
feelings of happiness and blissful exhaustion. Some couples laugh with
joy, and this is the moment for whispering, “I love you.”

The main reason this sexual experience is sought over and over again
is that it is such fun.

And as far as men go it serves a clear-cut purpose: as American
neuro-psychiatrist Louann Brizendine writes in her book The Female
Brain, the more often a man sows his seed, the greater the chance of
passing down his genes to future generations.

So why is there such a thing as a female orgasm? Women can after all
conceive without one. Gynecologist Johannes Huber, a specialist in
reproductive medicine speaking at a conference on sexuality in
Salzburg, says that female orgasm is helpful to conception. With
researchers at the University of Vienna, he has shown that female
orgasms lead to the release of high amounts of the neurotransmitter

Getting these results "wasn’t so easy," he explains. "The molecule has
a half life period of only a few minutes. So within a two-minute time
frame we needed to take blood from a post-orgasmic female subject and
centrifuge and deep-freeze it to get reliable measurement results." In
doing so, the researchers were able to establish what role oxytocin
plays with regard to orgasm.

For one thing, the neurotransmitter effects muscle contractibility on
the pelvic floor. For another, large amounts of oxytocin increase
concentration of the luteinizing hormone (LH) that causes ovulation.
"When a woman near ovulation has an orgasm it triggers ovulation. So
female orgasm is helpful to conception,” Dr. Huber says.

Article giving to me with high respect and   friendship
Zilvinas Andrikonis

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