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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Gift! Nautghty & Nice

If it is nice d for Marilyn than I am sure she will not refuse these Top 10 Goodies! Some can be naughty & natural! - But that is up to you!

1. Diamonds - size does not matter, it's the thought  that counts!
2. A memento - A flower  from her birthday pressed in a book,  a picture of where you went away together... thoughtful nuances of love.

3. Spa Day,  you be the masseuse! 
4. Theater tickets
5. Get her a lipstick of your choice...put it on her!
6.  Weekend getaway, spa included!
7.  Experience something new together
8. Lunch with her BFF - your treat!
9. Personal "maid for the day."
10.  breakfast in bed, or any meal will do!
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