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Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC on the Mend

Reshaping the Coastline and Our Lives

I  found this article to be very appropriate for EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE.  I have been living in NJ for 29 years and in Long Island for 8.  Hurricane Sandy caught me by surprise and  I  still can't believe the destruction she left behind.  Altough, there have been many predictions on a seaside storm hitting the cost.... many such as myself were not ready to deal with the reality.   It has been almost 2 weeks since the rise of  "Sandy"  and  no one would believe that lighting can strike again in the same area.....But if it does, NEW YORK needs to repair and prepare our waterfront for the next time.    Hurricane Sandy still making headlines and how will The City  protect our  waterfront against another huge storm.  Fascinating projects are surfacing on how the city will do just that.

Sandy Storm Relief Project -U Give U GET  FREE visibility!
The Beauty Of Giving: updates for Nov 3
Merchandise purchased of  large or small. 10 -20% will be given towards relief efforts made to surivors of Hurrican Sandy. Your contributions will be given to NY/LI/Staten Is/New Jersey. Blessings and thank you.  CEO/Terry Ruvo

PROVOKE - natural lip creme

PRESS RELEASE:   EYE ON BEAUTY will donate on any order that is placed for merchandise via the  online site for SANDY STORM SURVIVORS.  I am a small business owner in NJ -  I have little to give ...but I know that a little goes a long way to help my people in NY, LI, Staten Is, and New Jersey.  Please make an effort to browse and purchase from EYE ON BEAUTY shop. Your Contributions make a big  difference...Blessings and thank you.  EYE ON BEAUTY Sandy Relief   

Since corporate giant beauty brands have been impacted by hurricane Sandy, many small online retailers will weather the storm with customer friendly exclusive lines that will reach the conservative and well informed buyer. In actuality, the mom & pop shop will reap the rewards due the mega-storm. Sandy affected an area of 900 miles, I believe that the online business for small beauty lines will soar and reach many...in the name of  naturals. Elizabeth Arden and others are rescheduling earnings results until November 5th.  Small business and new  entrepreneurial cosmetic lines will now surface as a result of hurricane Sandy's demise .  Big brand cosmetics  have been under fire for years, and the verdict is in on going back to naturals to benefit  health and long term  beauty....now we wil forge ahead the next beauty army.    The new beauty protocol will be attractive to conservatives and well informed buyers.  Beauty consumers are starting to look at botanicals as the new anti-aging fighters for skincare needs.  BlackBox Cosmetics encompasses beauty as well as skincare health.  

Rough and tough beauty.  Made  for a survivor of the storm. Don't let delicate fool you.  Soft suede knotted with copper cross.  Natural beauty for men/women/tween....16'in  necklace.  Light weight.  Sweet touchable natural beauty for pennies. one of a kind. Own it here:  LOVE & Knots Necklace
Love & Knots Necklace

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My Little Black Hot List!
My favorite  product that I use to decrease under-eye puffiness is "little Secret Weapon."  The finest ingredients  and shows visible differences around the delicate eye area. Little Secret Weapon.  This line is for  men and women with sensitive skin.
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"Elite and exclusive made-to-order lines will rise above the big names on one simple fact; naturally good for clients, no artificial means or chemicals to extend beauty."  CEO/Terry  Ruvo  EYE on Beauty has also extended their line to tantalize the taste for male clients while  keeping it naturally glamorous!   Ready to wear natural stone jewelry  one of a kind pieces, all man made natural beauty is a stunning add-on for non-artificial fashion seekers. He will also enjoy a select line of  fragrant oils of  alluring high-end natural tonics for the skin. The line is for  men, women, and young adults.   Keeping the prices affordable and giving beauty back to nature is my number one priority!  We owe it to the earth and the people in it!
SACRI /gift set

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