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Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Look and MEN ...!

Leather & Peace Necklace
Revising a new look for EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE was challenging since I want to engage men into the magazine.  EYE on GREEN wants to mezmerize all eyes  reading and get the guys on board with healthy and easy  ways to extend their....well, beauty!  Beauty is not just for girls and you no longer  have to be a girls to get our hands-on the next BIG thing!  Glam is healthy and green in the magazine, and EYE ON BEAUTY shop features beauty, perfumes, free gifts,  tee's and things for the men as well.  Listen ladies, the gig is up....there is good stuff here for the guys and many items at the shop are unisex.  Rough and tough necklaces that are artful and masucline in design.  Perfumes of sandalwood  and rum...yes rum!   You can't drink it, but it is an unbelievable tonic  for the body or douse a bit behind his pulse points for  yummy....and all natural!  I am a woman of few words and I know men are VISUAL beasts...so just shop gents!  MEN SHOP EYE on BEAUTY